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Kornig Digital in Heimtextile

Interview with Kornit Digital: Modern ink technologies revolutionize digital printing

Kornit Digital is a first-time exhibitor at Heimtextil. The worldwide leader in digital textile printing will show its unique portfolio of machines. What can we expect of the exhibition stand? And what will be the topic of Kornit’s presentation at the Digital Textile Conference? Omar Kulka, Director Wide Format Division at Kornit Digital also gave us some exclusive market insights.


What products do you offer regarding digital printing for homes and interiors?

We offer a roll-to-roll digital printing system, called the Kornit Allegro, running our NeoPigmentTM printing process at its core. NeoPigmentTM stands for digital printing in a single step. Pretreatment and drying take place inside the printing system, no steaming or washing is required. The Kornit Allegro offers the perfect digital printing solution for homes and interiors – capable of printing on multiple fabric types and especially suitable for blended fabrics, which are abundant in use for this market segment.

What are the advantages of digital printing compared to traditional printing?

The obvious advantages are the elimination of long and expensive setup steps which in turn can allow for much shorter runs and on demand printing. In addition, digital printing opens up endless design possibilities with richer designs in terms of colors and details.

What technological innovations in the last years do you consider most important for the market segment? Can we expect any innovative products, technologies or developments in the near future?


At Kornit, we see two parallel channels of innovation and development that take the industry forward: print heads technology on one hand and chemistry / ink solutions on the other hand. In the print heads we see technological advancements that make the technology constantly faster, more reliable and suitable to the industrial demands and requirements of textile printers. At the chemistry front, we constantly see new ink technology evolving, like our NeoPigmentTM ink set – a robust, flexible and environmentally friendly process that can drive the transition of home textile printing into a digital, sustainable and cost effective ecosystem.

Do you see a potential market growth for digital printing for homes and interiors in the next five to ten years?

Definitely, and it will cover several directions and market segments. With the connection between the fashion world and the home / interior markets getting closer and closer, I expect to see the same trends and market dynamics flowing from the fashion market to homes and interiors. A good example is the growing presence of “traditionally”recognized design houses and fashion brands in the home decor – from top names such as Kenzo and Armani to brands like Zara. The fashion world is increasingly picking up digital designs, and I expect to see the same in the home textile segment.

Another direction is mass customization and on-demand production, combined with online business models that can provide an endless world of opportunities and access to millions, even billions of customers worldwide.

Why did you choose to participate at the European Digital Textile Conference? What will be the topic of your presentation and why?


The share of digital versus conventional printing in the global textile markets is still at a single digit percentage. The potential growth is practically unlimited, and it will be driven by three main influencers: customization, sustainability and supply chain flexibility. My presentation is going to shed some light on those driving factors, where digital technology supports those trends and where we are still faced with challenges.

Finally: Why did you choose to participate at Heimtextil?

As the leading venue for home and interior textiles, we consider Heimtextil the perfect stage for conveying our message and informing the market on our new technology and the opportunities it offers for this market.