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Allegro & Cut

Streamline your textile production


The Kornit Allegro offers a complete, all-in-one solution for roll-to-roll printing. Its unique structure, in addition to the pretreatment process, enable the creation of finished goods faster than usual by combining additional processes into one.


A perfect example is the suggested Allegro & Cut workflow. Pairing the Allegro with a cutting machine offers the following benefits:


  1. Eliminates external pre & post treatment processes with the patented inline pretreatment
  2. Print designs in shapes and sizes that are ready for cutting.

In addition to the lower costs, Allegro & Cut workflow efficiently helps your business to expand.


While traditional textile printing processes works like this:





The most efficient garment production method in the world

Benefits of adding Allegro & Cut to your production process:

  1. Saves money by printing only areas that will be cut
  2. Fast response to market demands
  3. Reduces inventory



Garment manufacturing is a multi-stage and labor intensive process that demands multiple vendors, and enough space to stock fabric. Many production houses find that they are left with unusable scraps of printed cloth and are often stuck with a large quantity of unsold items. Semi or fully automated solutions don’t answer the needs of prototyping, sample production, one-off or small collections, while manual paper patterns are time intensive, with too much waste due to human error.


The Kornit Allegro resolves these issues. A single operator simply presses a button to print ready-to-wear designs, which are then cut and sewn. Any remaining scraps are recyclable. The Allegro communicates all necessary information to create perfect garments for durable, wearable results.




Now with the integrated softener, Kornit Allegro is the only printing solution that can offer a real print&cut workflow



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