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Leggings & Yoga Pants

Leggings and yoga pants no longer just fit into the category of performance-wear. Now they are the staple item of the athleisure trend and a category on its own. Brilliant bright colors on synthetic fabrics are at the foreground and with Kornit’s advanced DTG printing machines, you can customize and personalize all of your leggings and yoga pants. Whether your business is searching for a yoga pants printer to create vibrant custom designs for small runs or mass-produce large orders of designer leggings, Kornit’s digital textile printers offer flexible solutions to meet your needs. Our printing platforms do not require any pre-treatment for the fabrics and are compatible with web-to-print applications, meaning less hassle for you and your business. With only one ink set, our printers can produce incredible results on a variety of fabrics including elastane, synthetic materials, blended fabrics, polyester, and spandex. For more incredible leggings and yoga pants printing applications, check out our examples below.

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Did You Know?

All the Kornit printers enables complete integration with web-to-print platforms

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Yoga Leggings

Yoga leggings designed by Petratex printed on the Avalanche

Any Fabric or Print, One Ink Set

All the Kornit printers use one ink set for any fabric type or application

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Full Customization

With Kornit you can customize or personalize any tee from a cotton crew neck to a tri-blend v-neck, a polo shirt and more!

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Dahlia Leggings

Polyester/Spandex leggings printed on the Allegro

Pre-Treatment Free!

Kornit's unique printing process does not require pre- or post-treatment

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Crop-Top & Leggings Set

Polyester/Spandex top and leggings set Printed on the Allegro

Flower Embroidery Denim Pants

Children's jeans Printed on Kornit Avalanche Hexa

Fashion Trousers

Fashion Trousers designed by Petratex printed on the Avalanche

Seaside Sunset Leggings

Polyester/Spandex leggings printed on the Allegro

Space Pattern Leggings

Polyester/Spandex leggings printed on the Allegro