The “Made in America” movements aims to bring as many jobs as possible to America in the manufacturing arena. Reshoring in effect means bringing jobs back that were lost to offshoring of production in (mostly) developing countries, to strengthen the US economy and reduce imports.

The campaign to encourage reshoring of US production has moved to a new level – a competition launched in August by The Reshoring Initiative and SEAMS – the National Association for the US Sewn Products Industry.

The award, which is new is targeted to companies that have reshored production to the US or set up a new production facility and that in effect translates to a reduction in imports from the period 2014 – 2019.

The awards will be for three industry categories:
cut and sew manufacturers
brands/OEMs/vertical retailers
equipment/technology suppliers

The US Reshoring Initiative’s president Harry Moser stated that in 2017 170,000 manufacturing jobs were said to have been “reshored” which is up from from 2010 by 2,800%.
“Apparel and Textile were among the industries most heavily impacted by offshoring and are now reshoring strongly. We anticipate that this award will motivate more companies to re-evaluate their offshoring and see that it is often more profitable to produce or source domestically. We also hope that other associations will choose to support similar awards to show that their industries are now successfully reshoring.”

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