DTG brings art, fashion and underwear together

When art, fashion and underwear meet there’s the only one way to get your prints on your pants There are no limits to what digital can do. That’s how photorealitic prints, were printed with Kornit Digital direct-to-garment printing systems by Deshika Embellishment, Sri Lanka, were printed directly onto underwear. Its cK underwear that features Andy …customized readmore text

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A fashion designers dream come true

When each fabric piece in your fashion collection can be designed as if it were to be printed by hand – that’s a designer’s dream come true. The privilege, exclusivity and beauty reserved for Haute Couture is that every piece of fabric can be designed and produced by hand. There are no limitations of lead …customized readmore text

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Nurturing the Next Generation of Fashion Designers

Kornit provides opportunities for the next generation of fashion designers to bring their designs to life with digital printing –the perfect way to instantly print prototypes or micro-runs.  With a history of collaboration with Fashion Technology institutes, the FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) being one of them, and Shenkar School of Technology, Tel Aviv, fashion …customized readmore text

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