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From Pixels to Sold-Out Item

Alef Alef’s New Collection Includes a Unique Piece Made Possible by Kornit Technology At Kornit, we’re always seeking out new collaborations with the industry’s finest innovators. Our most recent collaboration has been with the stunning Israeli brand Alef Alef. This women’s clothing brand focuses on smart and stylish looks for any occasion. They’ve been designing …customized readmore text

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Rise of the Creators

The world is full of creators in every niche, and fashion is no exception. Big brands have dominated the landscape for years, but social media and other trends have set the stage for a dramatic shift in the way we see fashion. With greater access to wider audiences, independent creators are sharing their innovations across …customized readmore text

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Sustainable Fashion Production on Demand Is No Sweat(shops)

According to a recent piece in Harvard Business Review, “The Myth of Sustainable Fashion,” the fashion industry has provided one of the loudest voices advocating for eco-conscious production practices—while its efforts to achieve that ideal have proven largely fruitless. Cost and production efficiency gains have largely resulted in overproduction, while efforts towards transparency, recycling, bio-based …customized readmore text

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Overcoming Supply Chain Threats in 2022

Costs are soaring, political tensions are omnipresent and delays are growing longer. This level of disruption is here to stay. Here are the threats to anticipate and plan for in 2022. The supply chain crisis that swept the world this past year has gone unnoticed by no one. Record-breaking shipping costs and delivery delays have reached top-tier …customized readmore text

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