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Mass Customization Is the New Mainstream

Once upon a time, clothes and garments were crafted to the wearer’s precise measurements, expressed a one-of-a-kind style, and tailored the client’s exact specifications. But that was then when people could afford just the bare necessities as the prices of raw material reached extravagant heights and production was slow.  Industrialization brought many global implications to …customized readmore text

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The Face Mask Market Is Booming

While wearing facemasks in the past (“B.C.”: before COVID-19) was a common sight mainly in Far East counties, when the coronavirus heavily hit the West, it became clear this was about to change. Online searches for face masks began to increase. Given that there was a shortage of masks for frontline health workers, it was …customized readmore text

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How to NOT Have an Inventory Dilemma

Let’s cut to the chase! The great love affair retailers have with inventory has always been an ambivalent relationship of love and hate. Companies are forever trying to gain control over their supply chain networks with planning ahead, thus trying to avoid an inventory dilemma. Still, the truth is that there are rights and wrongs …customized readmore text

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Home and away: 4 tips for more productive work from home

The global health crisis surrounding the coronavirus outbreak has many implications on our industry, with companies relocating their entire production and shifting the supply chain to adjust to the new alarming circumstances. Following the instructions of health professionals around the world, many retailers implemented a new approach to remote work and currently encourage employees to …customized readmore text

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Winter sports holidays are in full swing!

Get ready to hit the slopes with ski wear that showsoff your refreshing styles Chamonix France was first to host the Winter Olympics ever held, back in January 1924. Since then, holding the Winter Olympics continued and became a tradition, while snowsports have existed since ancient times. Did you know that before it became a …customized readmore text

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