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Brave New World

One-on-One with Roei Derhi, Placebo DFH founder and creative director When you break it down, fashion is all about empowering people to express themselves and embrace their deepest urges for creativity. Traditionally, we understood fashion as something to be worn in the physical space, but the world is changing fast, and with it, people, especially …customized readmore text

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The FashionTech Event of the Year

Everything is all set and ready to go for Kornit Fashion Week LA to take the fashion world by storm. This year’s event will showcase a mix of some of the world’s top designers alongside the latest, most innovative digital on-demand technologies that are driving the fashion industry’s shift to sustainability. What makes this event …customized readmore text

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Aiming for The Stars: KornitX Debuts at Kornit Fashion Week LA

KornitX is the solution that is set to remake the world of fashion forever. A first look at the on-demand pioneering cloud-based platform will be available at the star-studded Kornit Fashion Week in Los Angeles, this November. Formerly ‘Custom Gateway’, the newly rebranded enterprise SaaS platform enables an entirely digitized supply chain, one that combines unprecedented agility, the ability to meet consumer desires, and a need for environmental …customized readmore text

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The Fine Line Between Fashion & Tech

There is perhaps no better venue in the world than Kornit Fashion Week LA (nov 2-5) to show what happens when fashion meets technology. The first ever of its kind event where all collections were manufactured with sustainable, on-demand technologies. The designers, some of the world’s most innovative and daring, came to see on-demand technology …customized readmore text

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Kornit Fashion Week Los Angeles + Industry 4.0 Event

Kornit Fashion Week Los Angeles + Industry 4.0 Event Unleashes Creativity, Sustainability on Demand: “Not Fast Fashion, But Extraordinary Fashion, Quickly” Program gathers fashion designers, technology innovators, visionaries, major brands, influencers, and celebrities to unveil digitally-created designer collections Registration is now open for Kornit Fashion Week Los Angeles + Industry 4.0 Event, taking place November 2nd – …customized readmore text

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Kornit and threeASFOUR Give Shape to the Future of Fashion and Technology at NYFW

To Explore more about Kornit Fashion Week LA click here Event will showcase how fashion technology transforms creativity and expression, and eliminates wasteful overproduction prominent in the fashion industry Kornit Digital Ltd. announced today a collaboration with fashion designers threeASFOUR. The new collection, KUNDALINI, premiered today during New York Fashion Week, demonstrating exceptional capabilities for designers in …customized readmore text

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The Greenest Fashion Week Ever

To Explore more about Kornit Fashion Week LA click here No bottles of champagnes, no plastic cups, napkins or stirrers were needed for the 2021 Tel Aviv’s Kornit Fashion Week. In fact, for these shows that featured designs from the most iconic Israeli fashion houses, there was no need this year to send well- designed …customized readmore text

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