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Why the Shirts Work at Shirtworks

In the 1980s, United Kingdom-based Shirtworks started selling screen-printed t-shirts locally to Oxford University students and tourists. In 1996, they became one of the first screen-print businesses to use a website. In the decades since, they’ve grown to meet the challenges and opportunities of a tech-native, interconnected world, and their success as a growing apparel fulfiller reflects …customized readmore text

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Goin’ Digital

It’s been more than eight months since we last met in an exhibition hall, and as you may have noticed, the retail landscape has changed dramatically in that time. You’ve surely taken steps to adapt your business to radically changed market demands, and so has Kornit. Starting next week, you’ll have the best opportunity yet …customized readmore text

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A Custom Gateway to the On-Demand Promised Land

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely heard about the new “match made in heaven”: Kornit Digital and Custom Gateway have tied the knot! I know what you’re thinking, but I promise this isn’t your typical Hollywood “hardware meets software” story. It’s so much more. This is the revolution, the ultimate solution, and the answer to …customized readmore text

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Clearing a Path for the 80 Percent

According to a recent McKinsey report assessing the outlook for fashion brands emerging from the global coronavirus disruption, “a two- to three-month lockdown will cause financial distress for 80 percent of European and North American fashion businesses.” As this blog post is being written, businesses deemed “nonessential” have been shuttered across much of this territory …customized readmore text

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Kornit is Giving back

Textile manufacturers and brands worldwide have joined the fight against COVID-19 by producing Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). This includes many of the world’s most famous names, and you can read about their efforts here. if there is anything Kornit can do to support efforts you may already have in place, we’d like to know about …customized readmore text

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Kornit Digital Enables Sustainable Self-Expression at Envision Festival 2020

10th anniversary of Costa Rica event to feature brilliant, retail-quality imprinted apparel demonstrating possibilities of eco-friendly merchandise on demand   Kornit Digital will be providing Envision Festival 2020 with responsibly-produced digital direct-to-garment (DTG)-imprinted apparel befitting the event’s status as a celebration of self-expression and eco-friendly values. This effort, a co-branded partnership between Kornit, Cotton Heritage, …customized readmore text

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