Prime Day and The Inventory Conundrum

If you’re reading this, there’s a very good chance you’re buying something to take advantage of Amazon’s Prime Day, or at least having a look to see if one of their short-time deals is right for you. With more than 100 million products sold last time around, it’s become something of a “Christmas in July” …customized readmore text

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Black Friday – in color with DIGITAL

Experts say inventory planning, a successful mobile strategy and video content were all key to capitalizing on the largest online shopping day of the year – China’s Singles Day. The same rings true for the next biggies – Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Inventory control means regulating your company’s inventory to minimize risk and maximize …customized readmore text

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Bring production back home – and be rewarded

The “Made in America” movements aims to bring as many jobs as possible to America in the manufacturing arena. Reshoring in effect means bringing jobs back that were lost to offshoring of production in (mostly) developing countries, to strengthen the US economy and reduce imports. The campaign to encourage reshoring of US production has moved …customized readmore text

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How to avoid Deep (Polluted) Water

In recent surveys by the World Bank the fashion industry was rated at the second largest polluter of water on the planet, responsible for between 17-20% of all water pollution.  It’s estimated that a single mill can use 200 tons of fresh water per ton of dyed fabric, not only consuming water, but polluting it. Today’s …customized readmore text

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A fashion designers dream come true

When each fabric piece in your fashion collection can be designed as if it were to be printed by hand – that’s a designer’s dream come true. The privilege, exclusivity and beauty reserved for Haute Couture is that every piece of fabric can be designed and produced by hand. There are no limitations of lead …customized readmore text

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Direct to Fabric printing just got a whole lot brighter

Designing fabric for fashion and home decor is still an enormous challenge for designers.Until recently it has been almost impossible to do due to lead times and minimum quantities. Traditional textile printing methods are not feasible for small quantities, let alone customization. Now, with the advancement of textile manufacturing technology, customized fabrics are no longer …customized readmore text

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