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This year, for the first time ever, Kornit and veteran Israeli fashion icon and producer Moti Reif joined forces in Kornit Fashion Week Tel-Aviv 2021 to put the spotlight on sustainability.

The high-profile event, Israel’s annual celebration of high fashion, revolved this year on local designers who were invited to create collections using Kornit’s on-demand, eco-friendly (production) technologies.

Alon Livné is a creative trailblazer, recognized both locally and internationally for his futuristic aesthetic. 

Trained at Alexander McQueen in London and having worked in some of the most prestigious fashion houses in Europe such as Roberto Cavalli, Livné is known for mixing modern technologies such as laser-cutting and 3D printed leather patterns with classic couture techniques.

The inspiration for his Fashion Week’s collection began in his kitchen, playing with some tinfoil, marvelling at the folds, wrinkles and endless shapes and structures he could create between his fingers.

Using Kornit’s digital technologies, Livne managed to transform this idea into stunning fashion, rich in layers and texture and infused with delicate illustrations.

Here is the story of Alon Livné and how he brings creativity and custom-made fashion to fruition.

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