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Businesses in every sector face countless choices. Which target audience to focus on, what technologies to adopt, how to differentiate a company, and more. But recent transformations in the textile printing arena prove that this challenge may soon become irrelevant for a few of the field’s biggest dilemmas. After all, there’s no reason to make a hard choice when you can have it all. 

This year’s Printing United expo in Las Vegas will unveil some of the most exciting advancements in textile printing, including Kornit’s groundbreaking MAX technology. Here’s how printing innovations enable businesses to enjoy the best of both (or more) worlds and how you can witness them in action.  

For the Short and Long Run

High-volume printing allows businesses to collaborate with the world’s biggest brands and say yes to any printing job, no matter how urgent and extensive. On the other hand, short runs allow printing companies to meet the demanding requirements of today’s market. We’re talking smaller, more frequent collections that may be minimal, but make all the difference. The combination of both high volume and shirt runs gives businesses the flexibility they need to never miss a business opportunity. 

More Opportunities, Less Waste

Speaking of high-volume manufacturing, it must go hand in hand with on-demand printing in order to prevent the massive waste and cost created by unsold stock. Sustainable printing technology opens the door to business growth in more than one way. First, it gives businesses confidence in printing only the items that are actually sold. Second, it allows them to collaborate with global brands committed to sustainability standards across the supply chain. Producing more while wasting less is the holy grail we’ve been searching for. 

Following the Latest Trends and Creating Your Own Style 

Shoppers want fashionable clothes like the outfits they spot on social media networks. Businesses must quickly design, produce, and shipp these clothes to eager buyers. But shoppers not only want to follow the common trend. They also seek ways to create their own unique style. Customized items show their creativity and allow customers to express themselves. Once again, printing companies need to move fast and create the customized items on demand and on time.  

Multiple Fabrics With Special Attention To Specific Materials 

The variety of fabrics that can be used for printed garments is exciting, but also quite challenging. Many businesses assume they must focus on specific fabric types and work with machines that can handle these particular materials. In reality, technology like Kornit’s MAX enables companies to print on multiple fabrics using a single operator. Still, some fabrics do require certain expertise. Polyester, for example, presents special qualities that should be addressed. That’s why the Kornit Atlas MAX Poly can handle different fabrics while focusing on polyester as the leading material. 

Have It All & See It All at Printing United 2022

Kornit Digital is your partner for sustainable, on-demand printing success. We’ll present our new MAX technology at Printing United. Sign up for your demo and get free tickets to watch it all live. See you there! 


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