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The decision to join Kornit was based on many wonderful factors and stems from my passion for meaningful, revolutionary industries that have the power to impact society. In my experience, digital transformations in different verticals and regions have a few important features in common. Whether the goal is to promote electric vehicles or digital printing solutions, when the following four elements come together at the right time and under the right leadership, they can truly change our lives.

  1. Consumption habits: What we buy, how and why 

Paying attention to the way people shop is always important when creating a commercial strategy. In recent years, changes in retail consumption habits have been much faster and deeper, which signals the ripeness and need for new digital solutions. As younger (but also older) generations shop mainly and sometimes even exclusively online, smart retailers are quick to follow and offer them a product that relies on digital solutions and answers their on-demand shopping requirements. 

It’s safe to say that most retailers can no longer ignore the digital disruption taking place in the fashion world and must find the best tools and technologies to support this brave new age. It is also our mission to guide traditional retailers and empower them as they make this transition. 

  1. Data: Numbers tell a story 

When it comes to industry transformations, data works in a number of ways. First, numbers and facts help us convey the message that digital solutions have much more to offer than traditional ones. We are able to share impressive data regarding the number of impressions a printer can produce in a single minute, the money a business will save by opting for Kornit’s solutions, and more. In addition, we not only share data but also offer it as a separate capability of digital tools, such as the Kornit Konnect platform. 

By allowing retailers to measure different aspects of their business in order to study and optimize it, we provide them with valuable insights that are worth their weight in gold. These numbers are then translated into actions that take us, step by step, into the next generation of digital textile printing. 

  1. Organizational culture: It’s all about People 

It really is all about people. We cannot change industries without paying close attention to customers, partners and employees alike. When industries work towards disruption, the organizational culture of each participating company is the secret ingredient in the formula for success. One of the challenges we should focus on is the ability to maintain a coherent approach across all channels, regions and departments, while understanding and respecting the differences in mentality between different regions and audiences. Achieving this subtle balance isn’t easy, but it allows us to act as a strong, global company without losing site of the individuals that make us who we are. 

  1. Sustainability: The world we live in 

I cannot stress enough the importance of sustainability as a core value for companies today, particularly in specific industries such as Automotive and Retail. In fact, sustainability plays a huge role in the decisions I make as a professional and will increasingly influence the way businesses and individuals act. We are in the midst of a global crisis that leads to a widespread global campaign, led by younger generations who understand what some of us may have missed.

More and more shoppers and retailers are looking for solutions to support new regulation and social standards. Companies like Kornit, that have been promoting sustainability for many years, are able to support these market demands and take on the responsibility of leading change. The impact of these moves is massive, because we all wear clothes that come from one of the most polluting industries in the world.

I look forward to taking part in Kornit’s important journey. The above list is challenging but is already part of our company’s top goals and priorities. Together, we’re about to transform not only the future of digital textile printing, but also the lives of billions of people, one garment at a time. 


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