Now small-medium sized DTG businesses gain the edge with a solution that ensures high definition image quality and improved hand feel and a significant reduction in cost per print.

The Storm HD has arrived. Following the successful adoption of HD technology through the Avalanche HD release in Q1 2018, Kornit has launched the Storm based on HD technology.

With print runs shrinking but expectations of retailers both brick and mortar and ecommerce consistent in terms of price and print quality, Kornit as cracked the DTG code – now this time for small-medium businesses.


The proven track record of its heavy-duty, highly industrial Avalanche platform, brings Kornit to integrate the HD technology into the Storm platform which represents the mid-productivity segment of the company’s industrial direct-to-garment printing product range. The Kornit Storm HD6 includes six color channels (CMYK, Red, Green) plus white, for a wider gamut and improved spot color matching. Users can easily reproduce the true colors of licensed sports teams and accurately match corporate logos. The Kornit Storm HD6 will reduce the ink consumption by approximately 30% compared to the current Kornit Storm Hexa, – meaning higher print quality at a lower cost per print.



Why HD?

Jim George, CEO of Kornit’s long-term customer Trevco, thinks that HD is a no-brainer. “In 2006, we decided to enter direct-to-garment printing and bought our first Kornit. Since then, we’ve expanded to 10 Kornit Avalanche 1000 systems. In February, we beta-tested the HD platform and were amazed at the increase in quality, especially within the red and green color spectrum.” George adds that the HD technology also dramatically improved their design resolution and hugely reduced ink usage by approximately 30%. “We immediately realized we had to apply this technology across our entire fleet”, George stresses. “The HD platform finally allows us to have ad hoc ‘screen print quality’ design reproduction – a massive benefit to us, our customers and our licensors.”


To learn more about the Kornit Storm HD printer, go to:

The Storm HD flyer



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