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Join us in our refurbished NJ demo center July 20-22 to learn, network, and celebrate

The world has changed a great deal since the last time we had an opportunity to demonstrate Kornit’s leadership in bringing sustainable, efficient, game-changing technologies to a live event audience. In that time, the explosion of e-commerce—including 78.2% YOY growth in online fashion and textile sales (March 2020-21)—has created incredible opportunities for producers who embrace the quick versatility of demand-and-supply production, creating only what is sold, when it’s needed, replacing inventory waste with increased profitability while proving a smaller carbon footprint need not compromise quality.

According to Gribbin Strategic CEO Ed Gribbin, the challenge of manufacturing for consumers in the web-driven, post-Covid age can be summed up thusly:

“Control, visibility, and traceability will be key, as well as manufacturing as close to the consumer as possible. Smarter design, planning, manufacturing, logistics, and fulfillment, and computing power will help us get there.”

For the past few years, Kornit Digital has been developing and bringing together the pieces to that puzzle, and we can’t wait to share what that means for the textile industry, and for producers like you.

Partners in On-Demand Production Success

According to Andy Bell, CEO of Boxercraft, a print shop that recently capitalized on Kornit Digital’s on-demand production capabilities to launch an entirely new business unit, the benefits of joining the Kornit user community extend far beyond increased capacities:

“We’re always made aware of things that are going on, people using their machines in ways we maybe hadn’t thought of. I think there’s a community of everybody that’s working with a Kornit machine, where everybody’s trying to leverage the technology to make themselves better. And so we benefit from that kind of partnership and insight into what’s going on in the printing world, because it’s changing rapidly.”

It is in this spirit that we’re hosting an OPEN HOUSE at our newly-refurbished demo center in Englewood, New Jersey, July 20-22. We’ll be demonstrating the latest Kornit MAX technology, which incorporates the best of embroidery, vinyl heat transfer, and screen-print capabilities into a single platform, without the waste and environmental hazards.

Our top product specialists will be on hand to answer your questions about implementing efficient, sustainable, single-step Kornit technology into your operations. KDAM President Chuck Meyo will discuss our vision for making textiles a cleaner, less wasteful, and more responsive industry for every buyer. And you’ll have the opportunity to discuss best practices, winning business strategies, or simply the latest news and trends with your peers in the industry—those experienced using Kornit systems, and those who also bring questions.

July 20-21: Direct-to-Garment Focus

Join us for either of our first two sessions to learn how the textile ecosystem is evolving, how producers like you are adapting to new challenges and opportunities, and how Kornit Digital is developing the end-to-end production capabilities, control, and automation to empower you to succeed and grow. We’ll be showcasing the new Kornit Atlas MAX system, in addition to our full line of on-demand HD DTG production systems to fit every need, size, and specialty.

July 22: Direct-to-Fabric/Roll-to-Roll Focus

The market for custom fabrics and applications has exploded, but brings new pitfalls and demands. Learn how on-demand producers are streamlining their supply chains, bringing production closer to the customer, and turning to efficient, sustainable microfactory production models—and why technologies like Kornit Presto and Custom Gateway provide the bedrock of quality, consistency, and control to succeed.

We’re excited to move forward into the post-pandemic economy, and tackle head-on the new opportunities we see to partner and create a more responsible textile industry, a better alignment between what consumers demand and what producers can deliver, and ultimately more prosperity for all of us. Join us to see the future of on-demand production, celebrate the passing of a difficult time, and meet those whose experiences and partnership will make each of us stronger in the days to come.

Register now to join us in Englewood.

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