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Every new year feels like a fresh start in many areas, but the implications of our environmental decisions cannot be erased, and we must deal with the consequences long after they are taken. That’s why we make sure that these decisions and actions impact our planet for the better. 

We’re happy to say that the following list of sustainable initiatives taken in 2021 doesn’t cover every eco-friendly step. Still, these are the top noteworthy actions our company has initiated this year. May they inspire us all to make 2022 our most sustainable year yet. 

  1. Publishing Our First Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) Report

Transparency and accountability go hand in hand. It’s important to ask ourselves hard questions about our social and environmental impact. Reports create an opportunity to gather and analyze relevant information, understand what works, and identify areas for improvement. Our first ESG report gives our business partners, customers, and investors a detailed account of our environmental and social decisions and strategy, covering Kornit’s priorities, goals, and highlights across the organization. This report may be the first, but it will be followed by regular updates and reports to keep everyone informed and focused. 

  1. Setting Strategic Environmental KPIs

They say that a goal without a plan is just a wish, and the climate crisis demands much more than wishful thinking. That’s why our ESG report establishes clear KPIs for each area of work, determining where we plan to be in the near and far future. In fact, these KPIs are at the center of the report and will lead our sustainable efforts moving forward. 

Our strategy includes setting a clear vision and translating it into measurable goals for the entire company to follow. We focused on three main pillars: people, products, and the supply chain. Our KPIs include reducing the amount of ink sent to storage from 4 to 1.5 liters per batch, increasing circularity by bringing the print head refurbishment yield to 95% by 2023, and increasing the number of women in management positions. Each department now has its own specific plan, which we’ll continue to fine-tune together. 

  1. Running a Product Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) 

Overproduction is a serious problem in our field, and the life cycle of every product impacts the environmental bottom line. This past year, we looked into the life cycle details of The Atlas MAX and the Presto S systems, drawing critical conclusions that will help make our products better and more sustainable. We were happy to learn that our efforts to manufacture eco-friendly products pay off, as the examined systems proved to reduce water consumption by more than 90% and demand less energy and chemicals to operate.  

  1. Giving Sustainability the Stage at Fashion Week Events

This year’s global Fashion Week events allowed us to communicate a powerful message, letting the world know that bonding matters when it comes to sustainability and fashion. Our runway shows and special projects displayed stunning environmental designs created without compromising style, sustainability, or quality standards. We joined hands with leading fashion designers and influencers to create unique collections that included elaborate garments and demonstrated the impact of Kornit’s products.  

  1. Promoting the Urban Forestry Project

We’re used to tracking the negative environmental impact of fashion, but our industry can also tilt the scales in the other direction. To offset the emissions created by our products, we’ve launched a broad reforestation campaign that turns abandoned public spaces into lavish forests. This is just the beginning, and we plan to plant more trees in more areas, offsetting carbon emissions and accompanying new products with eco-friendly initiatives that are a breath of fresh air in every possible way. 

  1. Giving Away Trees at LA Fashion Week

Business giveaways at events can generate a lot of waste. When preparing for LA Fashion Week events, we wanted to do something completely different and offer a gift that gives back to the planet. Guests received a postcard printed on recycled paper, letting them know that a tree has been planted in their name and inviting them to follow our reforestation project, which they are now a part of. The overwhelmingly positive response to this initiative lets us know that people are happy to support eco-friendly causes coming from their favorite brands. 

  1. Establishing the ESG Steering Committee

Sustainability calls for strong leadership, which is why we’ve chosen to form a dedicated committee to promote and track our ESG activity. Executive management representatives from every department form our Steering Committee, which helps create a clear policy and strategy around our environmental and social projects. Kornit’s ESG Steering Committee is supported by our General Counsel, ESG Director, and Board of Directors.

  1. Qualifying for global Environment, Health, and Safety Certifications

Environmental compliance standards have been a focal point for us for years, as we create products that meet mandatory and voluntary certifications. This year, the ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 environment, health, and safety standards joined the sustainability party and will help us improve even further. The standards apply to a wide range of Kornit products, including ink consumables, QA procedures, printing head labs, and more. Embracing these standards helps us declare our commitment to sustainability by taking practical steps, and we hope to see many more businesses choose this path.  

  1. Launching a New Collaboration With the Ellen Macarthur Foundation

We can’t reveal everything just yet, but we couldn’t keep this milestone out of the list. The distinguished Ellen Macarthur Foundation has been working tirelessly to promote circular economy principles and eliminate pollution and waste in a long list of fields. We are inspired by the foundation’s work and are happy to join forces with the good people leading it. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements! 

  1. Adopting Plastic-Free Office Policies 

Environmental impact is a collection of seemingly small actions that create real change. Fashion shows and global projects are exciting to talk about, but what happens in our kitchen is just as important. In 2021, Kornit’s offices decided to become plastic-free, and we switched to reusable solutions. The decision to walk the talk instills sustainability values everywhere and ensures that every Kornit employee and guest will know what we’re all about. 

As you can see. Many of the above moves set future goals and mark destinations we strive to reach. 2022 will give us a chance to keep promoting these and many other initiatives, so stick around because there’s plenty more to come. We hope this upcoming year will be kind to individuals, businesses, and the planet.  

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