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After almost 20 years of incredible achievements, we’re honored and thrilled to share with the world Kornit Digital’s first-ever impact report, in what we intend will become an annual tradition.

This report is an opportunity to celebrate the alignment of our business with our ESG goal of taking action to boldly transform the world of fashion and the textile industry via sustainable on-demand manufacturing. The report is also an opportunity to establish our long-term goals, by setting actionable, concrete KPIs to promote sustainability and social responsibility, each aligned with the relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Want to learn more about our social and environmental commitments to the world? You are welcome to review our 2020 Impact Report here.

So, what can be found in the impact report?

A lot! Starting from our product choices to supply chain interaction to people and actions in the community, this report lays out data and information about our impact-driving activities, including detailed information about usage and savings in energy, water, waste, chemicals, emissions, and more.

The most important statement in the report is our major commitment to produce by 2026 approximately 2.5 billion apparel items in a responsible manner, by enabling:

  • Zero overproduction: Kornit will help eliminate the estimated 1.1 billion apparel items overproduced using traditional production methods, based on an industry average of 30% overproduction. This is about 1 apparel item for each and evry person living in Europe and North America – saved. 
  • Zero water waste: Kornit will support saving an estimated 4.3 trillion liters (or 1.1 trillion gallons) of water that is typically wasted using traditional printing methods.
  • Reduced CO2 emissions: By consuming less energy and generating less waste, producing with Kornit will prevent an estimated 17.2 billion kilograms (37.9 billion pounds) of greenhouse gas emissions that traditional printing methods would otherwise generate.

As always, we stand by the statement that Bonding Matters – and in this report, we also give voice to our people-centric values: care, openness, and fairness.

“We believe that with success and commercial leadership comes great responsibility,” says Ronen Samuel, Kornit Digital’s CEO. “As such, we’re happy to make the most of our unique disposition to enable sustainable textile and fashion manufacturing worldwide.” Want to learn more about our social and environmental commitments to the world? You are welcome to review our 2020 Impact Report here.


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