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With over two decades of experience in the Digital Printing industry, Kornit’s relatively new Managing Director EMEA KDEU, Chris Govier, shares how the self-expression that is evident in Kornit’s business conduct helps the company reach important goals.

It’s been only a few months since I’ve joined Kornit, but in a fast-moving industry like ours, it is more than enough time to understand the company’s beat and learn what helps Kornit capture market needs so accurately. It is not at all surprising to learn that specific company values perfectly match what is most needed in today’s market. The following paragraphs will take a closer look at how the holy grail of customer self-expression is manifested in Kornit’s internal work procedures and how other businesses can implement it as well.


Customers take the stage
I’ve been fortunate enough to experience different geographical markets over the years and learn about a variety of cultures and mentalities. What I find most fascinating has less to do with what sets each market apart and is more with the similarities that stand the test of time and place. Customers all around the world are demanding and particular when it comes to their printing preferences. They rightfully raise industry standards related to the quality and durability of the fabric and print, the sustainability levels of the manufacturing process, and more.
Another prominent characteristic is the customers’ need for self-expression channels. When visiting different countries, I’ve noticed that wherever you go, you’ll see people wearing their favorite team’s shirt. People want the clothes they wear to say something about them.
The need for self-expression greatly impacts our industry and is evident in the creation of smaller and more personalized collections that fit today’s on-demand economy. This also means that retailers are faced with the challenge of allowing individualism at scale. Luckily, we offer the technology that enables them to keep up with these new rules and win the game.


Self-expression starts from within

Great technology is indeed important, but that’s not all it takes. Companies that are looking to offer their customers an experience that represents them as individuals should begin by asking whether they embrace self-expression as a business value.

One thing that allowed Kornit to seamlessly adjust to the new ways of the market is the fact that self-expression has always been important to the company. Here are a few ways in which Kornit manages to achieve this goal:

  • First, listen. Encouraging others to express themselves is the first step. Staying in touch with employees and customers allows companies to develop feedback-based products that stem from real current needs. Many of the features that were added to Kornit’s products over the years were conceptualized following conversations with customers.


  • Lead the way. The same goes for feedback-based management and leadership. Self-expression thrives in a work environment that embraces open communication, critical thinking, and entrepreneurship.


  • Empower others. Kornit invests great resources in empowering customers to not only speak but also do. Our empowerment programs allow customers to understand our products on a deeper level and make necessary adjustments independently.


Self-expression is not a trend, but instead a fundamental change in perspective that is here to stay. It is by implementing these and other steps that Kornit manages to make self-expression a key value from the inside out. Our current challenge is similar to the one our business customers face, as we scale up and enter new markets. Our goal is to do that without losing touch with the individual customer. This is an exciting mission, and there’s no doubt that our ability to triumph it has everything to do with the above-listed advantages.


Our feedback-based product development process has managed to create a new line of groundbreaking systems and ink sets. We can’t wait to show them off and demonstrate their abilities at the biggest industry event of the year – ITMA 2019. If you want to watch our new products in action and express your own thoughts on how they can help your business, schedule your demo now. See you soon!


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