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ITMA 2019 promises to be one of the biggest events the digital printing industry had witnessed in recent years. This year’s event is bigger than ever and is already completely sold out! If you’re worried about your ability to navigate this gigantic conference and your FOMO keeps you up at night, here are 5 highlights you don’t want to miss.

A visit to the lab
For the very first time, ITMA will include an Innovation Lab dedicated to the inventive, groundbreaking side of the industry. This lab will include the latest research and studies in the field, a Speakers Platform (which we’ll discuss in detail in the next paragraph), a video showcase, and much, much more. The idea is to exchange ideas, share knowledge, and learn from other great minds in our industry. After all, that’s what ITMA is all about.

Speakers we speak highly of
As we’ve mentioned, one of the highlights of the Innovation Lab is the Speakers Platform. The organizers have packed the schedule with fascinating lectures on a different topic for you to choose from. You’ll be able to Hear Evva Carlson, the CEO of Swedish outdoor brand Houdini Sportswear, talk about the unique challenges of building a business with positive impact and high-quality products, or catch Yoel Fink, the CEO of Advanced Functional Fabrics of America (AFFOA), discuss how we can create a better world through our work with fabrics. These and other speakers will surely expand your horizons and inspire you.

The right forum
Speaking of exchanging ideas, a wonderful way of doing that is by participating in one of the industry forums dedicated to different crucial topics, such as sustainability, global trends, the nonwovens manufacturing processes, and more. A massive event like ITMA can get a bit overwhelming at times, and so replacing the hectic movement with a smaller group of people to interact with can be a blessing. This is an opportunity to have a deep conversation with other leaders in your specific business niche, as well as learn about new trends and concepts from those who lead them.

Come say hi
You didn’t really think we’d forget to invite you to visit Kornit, now did you? We have been getting excited and ready for this event for quite some time, and are prepared to blow your mind with innovation, creativity, and the thrilling combination of both. Just like ITMA, our schedule is filling up pretty quickly, so don’t wait too long to schedule your demo with us at the event. You’ll get a front-row seat at demonstrations of our latest systems and methods and hear directly from the experts who created them about the process and remarkable results they bring.

Enjoy the city
Some conferences are located in pretty boring areas of the world, and we’re so happy that’s not the case this time! Barcelona is one of the most beautiful, exciting places to explore, and as long as you’re there, you simply must take advantage of ITMA’s location and tour the city. Once again, we’ve got you covered with a detailed guide for all the tasty food, artistic experiences, and fun shopping that Barcelona has to offer. You can make this work with your ITMA schedule by being prepared in advance or by inviting colleagues and clients to join you. book a table at a restaurant, and have fun!

Did we cover everything? No, we did not! There’s so much to see and learn, we couldn’t possibly manage to include it all in a post. Whatever you do this year on your visit to ITMA, we hope you’ll have the time of your life and gain a few ideas worth printing. See you there!


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