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If you happen to run into Andy Yarrow, you’re probably somewhere in the Asia Pacific region or at an airport terminal. Kornit’s newly appointed President of the Asia-Pacific region is busy 24/7, which is why we were excited for the opportunity to ask him a few questions. We discussed his background, goals, and vision for Kornit APAC.

Can you tell us about the path that has led you to join Kornit?

Thanks! I started my career about 20 years ago and spent the first few years working for a Xerox dealer, a large advertising agency and finally a company in the inkjet printing field.

About 12 years ago, I joined EFI. In 2014, after 7.5 years in the UK, I needed a new challenge and moved to Japan as the head of one of EFI’s divisions in the Asia-Pacific region. I took on more responsibility and finally managed the entire region. This position exposed me to a lot of different printing sectors, including display print, ceramics, and of course textile, the fascinating field that has led me to join Kornit.

What would you say are some of the more interesting sectors to follow?

We can see a lot of areas that are rapidly growing in the digital print industry. Ceramics and textile are two of the more interesting ones to follow, in my opinion. Companies are currently looking for new ways to strengthen their hold in these industries and that’s part of what drew me to Kornit.

What makes the Asia-Pacific region unique?

The entire region is unique, and each country is different. Hong Kong is very different compared to China, for instance, and Japan is very different than Korea.

This poses a few challenges, but also brings a huge amount of growth opportunity. someone like Kornit that has the right technology and tools to help business to advance their operation and be more successful. Part of our role is to educate the market, invest in customer experience, and focus on helping our partners. We invest and plan to invest more in those areas.

We want our employees, partners and customers to know that we are right by their side. We’ll take businesses in this region by the hand and together we’ll welcome a bright new future. There are amazing opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region for sure.

What are your plans for entering new segments?

Each part of the region should be studied and approached based on specific needs and goals. Generally speaking, we are looking to expand the business in new segments that include brands and private labels, promotional printing, and more. We introduce new technologies and capabilities, like polyester printing which will for sure shake the market with a solution that answers a lot of the current printing problems, same with the Atlas speed and HD technology launched earlier this year.

When we examine a market like India, for example, it’s worth focusing on the online space more. It moves and grows much faster and we want to reach out to online retailers and offer them new solutions. Our task is to provide each specific area with the right solutions.

Let’s talk about the challenges ahead. What is your first order of business?

My challenge begins with recruitment. The company is growing fast, and we need to find the best people to fill various open positions. In addition to recruiting employees, we focus on finding and recruiting the right partners and dealers in each region, which is no easy task, as we are dealing with relatively new technology. That’s why we invest a lot in training and offer in-depth classes for employees, dealers and customers. Our distributors learn all about each new Kornit product.

Building scale and finding the right path to grow is important. We want to expand our business through our own people, the partners we work with, and the regions we approach.

Customer Success and empowerment are also critical focal points. We are looking to develop customers’ knowledge on how to get the most out of Kornit’s products. It pays to invest in this sort of encouragement, and I hope to build customers’ confidence in handling Kornit’s products in a way that will help them own the digital space.

Thank you for your time and for sharing your vision with our readers. We can’t wait to hear more news coming from the Asia-Pacific region.

The digital textile printing revolution is set to transform one of the most exciting regions in the world. We’re excited to bring advanced and innovative solutions that will make life better for businesses and end customers in the area.

Interested in learning more? Meet Andy at Kornit’s upcoming open house event on April 15-17. Click here to register.

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