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Earlier this month, Kornit Digital announced the appointment of Stephen Nigro as a strategic advisor to the company and its Board of Directors. We’re fortunate to have someone like Stephen on our team and here are a few interesting facts about this recent piece of news.

Decades of experience

Stephen might be new to Kornit, but he is an industry veteran with 4 decades of experience in the printing arena. In his latest role at HP, he served as President of 3D Printing, where he was responsible for the build out and execution of this particular business segment on a global scale. Stephen also served as Senior Vice President of Imaging and Printing, an impactful role in which he has successfully led all of HP’s printing businesses, very much including the company’s HP Inkjet, HP LaserJet and HP Graphics efforts. His other leadership positions include Senior Vice President of Inkjet and Graphics business, Senior Vice President of Retail and Web Solutions, Senior Vice President of Graphics and Imaging, and Senior Vice President of Technology Platforms. It’s safe to say that Stephen brings impressive expertise and experience in our industry’s technology and business aspects.

Kornit Digital’s Chief Executive Officer, Ronen Samuel, commented, “We are pleased to welcome Stephen Nigro as an advisor to the company and as a prospective member of our Board of Directors. He is a veteran in the printing industry, has a proven track record and has been instrumental, in building and scaling new businesses. In keeping with Kornit’s objectives, Stephen too, has witnessed, led and supported transformations from analog to digital printing.  His appointment further strengthens our team and enhances the collective knowledge we are able to leverage from our diverse set of executives, advisors and Board members.”

Innovative approach 

Stephen’s background demonstrates an innovative, cutting-edge approach that is exactly what Kornit is all about. He was part of the team that developed HP’s very first color InkJet printer, has led the creation of the company’s graphics arts business, is considered a pioneer in the field of 3D Printing, and more. As someone who truly appreciates a bold state of mind, Stephen recognized the potential of Israel’s startup industry, where Kornit is headquartered, long before joining our team.

Nigro commented, “I am excited to partner with the Kornit team and am thoroughly impressed by Kornit’s technology, existing footprint and plans to further scale the business. Kornit possesses the technology and resources to drive the transition to digital, and it is evident that the company is positioned to disrupt the end markets it serves. That transition parallels digital transitions that I have seen throughout my career. My previous experience will therefore help to drive the execution of Kornit’s growth plans. I am furthermore pleased to be able to partner with such a talented team.”

Stephen Nigro’s engagement commences on April 2, 2019.

We can’t wait to see what happens next, and promise to keep you posted!

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