The Corporate Development team is a relatively small team with a major impact on Kornit’s business growth. The team is responsible for planning and forming Kornit’s corporate strategy, as well as identifying, managing and executing inorganic growth initiatives such as M&A, Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances. We are also responsible for CEO operations and Investor Relations.

To succeed in our team, you’ll need to be passionate about growth, have strong strategic thinking and analytical capabilities, and be able to manage and execute complex operational challenges

Meet our people

Sadi Akpinar

Customer Operations Specialist

I am working at the Operations Department and I am responsible for shipments and demand planning. I am preparing the shipments of stock orders, service parts and machines, but also I am in charge that everything is booked correctly and the inventory count quarterly is made correctly at every other department. The work environment, the colleagues, the atmosphere makes it feeling like working with family. Operations is never working with a scheme, here we always have to find unusual solutions for the hardest requests from customers, but as a team we always find the best solution and satisfy not only the customers but also our own team. It is never easy, but the challenging part is what makes this position interesting for me

LaTisha Allen

Inventory Control Specialist

I came from big corporations who already had established policies and procedures. Kornit offered me a chance to help build the blueprint for KDAM. It feels good to know Kornit believes in my abilities and offers me opportunities to grow and develop. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for myself and Kornit.