Our Product Development is where it all comes to life. We actualize Kornit’s product vision and develop top-notch, high-quality solutions that include both machines and software and drive the company forward. We combine innovative technologies and problem-solving methods with an ever-growing desire to learn, grow and excel.

We have a unique multidisciplinary work environment in which various roles come together to achieve company goals. Multiple teams that include Research and Development, Software, Mechanics, Electronics, R&D Application and System Engineering combine their expertise to manage and deliver projects from the initial beta phase of product ideation to a complete, innovative and high-quality system.

Meet our people

Efi Yohanani

System Engineer

I like working at Kornit because through the products, that I take part developing, I have a chance to directly influence the company’s customers and growth. I have been working at Kornit for the last 6 years, I joined Kornit because I wanted to work in an R&D department, to create, and take part in new products design

Daniel Posto

System Engineer

The best thing I love about working at Kornit, is the collaboration that we create to achieve our common goals. After almost 4 years at the company I definitely can say that this is the recipe for success