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How BandUP found a solution for their mass customization and micro-run requirements

About BandUP

The company, established in 2011 by Mr. Bruno de Marchi, started out as a small

business with a single T-shirt printer but quickly realized the potential for growth. He partnered with Mr. Fantin and Mr. Macari and together they have built up the company that today is Headquartered in Barra Bonita, Brazil, with a commercial office in São Paulo. BandUP sells to the national market, and to other countries in South America with 60% is of its business is B2C with licensed brands and 40% is B2B (promotional items.) BandUP’s customer portfolio is very impressive and includes global brands in a range of categories including Music (KISS, the Beatles), Entertainment (Warner Bros, Woodstock), Corporate (Volkswagen) and more.

The Challenge:

BandUP needed a printing solution that could handle both short and medium runs profitably. With the promotional items ordered by B2B and B2C customers, they were looking for a printer that could provide the flexibility of mass customization online. BandUP offers complex designs delivered in small quantities in a short period of time. Customization and versatility are the main factors.

The Solution:

BandUP came to the realization that digital printing would meet their business needs.

In 2012 BandUP invested in a Kornit machine, Storm II, an industrial level printer developed specifically for small to mid-sized direct to garment businesses. The Storm II enabled them to reduce stock costs and to print on demand.  BandUP rely on

digital printing for the most complex images which require wider and brighter color ranges and higher results.  Silk screen is used for images with limited details, or to which the final product requires some additional details such as a glitter, gel and more solid colors.


Today 50% of BandUP’s business is digital and 50% relies on traditional silk screen methods.


” Digital printing provides us with the customization and versatility that we require to meet all of our business needs. Furthermore Kornit has helped BandUP in increasing our market reach, by reducing our cost per print, increasing quality of the final printed garments,”” stated Mr. Fantin.