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How Dimona adopted an innovative technology that delivered low cost per print for short runs while enabling diversity of design, color and fabric.

About Dimona

Founded in 1967 Dimona is a family business, based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Over the past 3 decades the company has invested in multiple textile stamping techniques, to offer an array of t-shirts, in a range of prices, fabrics, applications and types of washes, using silk screen and sublimation methods.

The company comprises 6 brick and mortar stores, a distribution house and an online store.

The Challenge:

“Dimona was looking for an innovative technology, and specifically new processes that would allow the company to reduce the cost of labor, to have flexibility to print short and medium runs with customization possibilities,” said Luis Blumberg, co-owner at Dimona. They required a solution that would enable them to diversify their product offerings. They needed a printer that would provide the flexibility on the one hand to print very short runs ,and diversity in terms of design, color and fabric on the other.

The Solution:

“Once we heard about new digital printing technologies and conducted market research, we found that Kornit was the perfect solution for our company; Kornit’s digital technology has provided our business an opportunity to grow and diversify our customer’s niche,” said Luis Blumberg, co-owner at Dimona.


Following a survey of available digital printing machines on the market, Dimona decided to purchase their first Kornit printer, the Storm I, followed in 2013 by a second printer, the Storm II.

Dimona is now able to print and sell more complex designs, offering wider alternatives to its customers.

This has allowed Dimona to target different niche markets, shorten production time, reduce labor costs and promote differentiated products.

Dimona both expanded their brick and mortar business, and have successfully developed and expanded their online business offering customization and personalization of garments using Kornit’s Storm printers. Adoption of Kornit’s advanced solutions has enabled Dimona to enter the realm of ecommerce. Their ecommerce platform provides an easy to use site to personalize and order garments.

Kornit printers allow for printing these personalized garments on demand. Customers can select or create designs and within 24hrs the t-shirt is shipped.

Today, their main markets are online printing (web to print) and promotional products.

“Introduction of our first Kornit printer, enabled us to diversify our portfolio which allowed us to increase our customers from 60,000 to 80,000.” said Mr. Blumberg

“Today the company’s silk screen carousel printing are used for runs that require less added value, simplicity and basic designs.

The polychrome silk screen printing involves high costs as compared with digital printing.

However, for the more complex runs, with detailed and realistic images, greater color intensity and exclusive applications are done solely on Kornit’s systems,” Said Mr. Luis Blumberg.