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Earth Sun Moon

Multiple Kornit Breeze machines allows Earth Sun Moon to efficiently handle the boom seasons every year.

Earth Sun Moon and Kornit Digital – a relationship that works


Earth Sun Moon Worker Enjoying A Light BreezeBased in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania suburb, Grove City, Earth Sun Moon Trading Company has been creating unique prints since 1996. President Nathan Depew began the business focusing on quirky and creative nature-inspired designs. When personalization crept into garment decoration, Earth Sun Moon responded to customer demand by expanding into the digital printing business with their first Kornit 931 Inca printer – one of Kornit’s earliest systems. After proven success with Kornit, Earth Sun Moon purchased an additional four systems in order to meet added customer demand.

Earth Sun Moon began a new online venture to offer customers an online design center and personalization shop called Ink Pixi. In order to meet low-quantity orders on a quick turnaround Earth Sun Moon looked to adjust their operations model by purchasing several small and portable direct-on-garment printers that could be placed into action or temporarily stowed away depending on high or low production needs. Today, Earth Sun Moon operates 18 Kornit Breeze machines.


The Challenge to find the right flexible solution, which the Kornit Breeze provided


Earth Sun Moon’s business booms three times each year – Christmas, Father’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day.

In order to control cost in both high- and low-production seasons, Earth Sun Moon has created a pod system of operation in which two or three Breeze printers are moved into a small group The Earth Sun Moon Printing Roomand run by one operator.

When business needs warrant it, additional pods are activated. Don Shaw, Earth Sun Moon production manager explains, “The reason we chose Kornit and the Breeze in particular is for flexibility. We can physically move the machines on our floor if we slow down or there’s a technical issue.” Shaw also adds that quality and price point were large factors in choosing the Kornit brand. “We have 9,000 square feet of space here and digital garment printing takes up half of that, so capital cost was very important, and the Kornit Breeze tested superior to its competitors.”

Another key motivation for Earth Sun Moon’s partnership with Kornit Digital was to work hand-in-hand on the development of a custom interface for Earth Sun Moon’s new ecommerce site, Ink Pixi. Still in operation, customers are able to visit InkPixi.com to design custom apparel using Earth Sun Moon’s extensive artwork portfolio and garment options. Each order is directly transferred to the Breeze queue for printing, eliminating intermediary labor and customer wait time.

Getting this production model off the ground wasn’t easy. A first-time model for Kornit’s customer group, Kornit Digital worked closely with Shaw and his team to ensure all 18 Breeze systems were linearized and operating at top speed and quality.


Continuing to work towards the best way to provide customized pieces to their customers, together


A Kornit Breeze At Work

Since 2010, Earth Sun Moon has continued to work closely with Kornit Digital to keep a synced production line that creates standardized quality across all 18 machines. As personalization continues to surge, customers demand the highest quality artwork and prints. Stephen Tessier, Earth Sun Moon chief financial officer, says, “We’re in the business of personalization, but it’s the norm now, so customers are requiring stronger artwork and designs, and Kornit can print that for us.”