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Being an on-demand fulfillment service, we need to be able to produce individual items consecutively. Kornit Avalanche HD6 really allows us to do that efficiently.

Graphic design enthusiasts Alex and Amy Cunliffe founded United Kingdom-based Inkthreadable in 2013, taking their t-shirt-selling business online. After initially scaling their business with 11 entry-level DTG systems, the couple sought an efficient, long-term solution for on-demand fulfillment, which led them to Kornit Digital.

“Amaya, a distributor of Kornit systems and the entry-level DTG machines we’d already been using, introduced us to the Kornit Storm Hexa, which offered benefits and a return on investment that could help us generate more business,” says Alex Cunliffe. “Kornit Storm Hexa allowed us to dramatically reduce our cost per print, halve the number of operators needed for full operation, and increase our overall efficiency.”

An employee of Inkthreadable is working on the Kornit Avalanche HD6.
An employee of Inkthreadable is working on the Kornit Avalanche HD6.

Within twelve months of implementing that machine, Inkthreadable installed its first Kornit Avalanche HD6, increasing its capacity significantly. The business moved from an 8,000-square foot facility to a 24,000-square foot factory space in the summer of 2020—fully one year ahead of schedule. Shortly thereafter, they added two additional Kornit Avalanche HD6 systems, more than doubling throughput.

Cunliffe acknowledges the significant level of investment involved, but having observed the growth single-step DTG capabilities can provide, he maintains the business case for Kornit technology is clear as day.

“From a businessperson’s perspective, these machines make a lot of sense to operate on a cost-per-item basis,” he says. “We’ve had fantastic uptime and fantastic cost per print, and it’s allowed us to continue reinvesting in our growth. I need a machine my staff enjoys operating day-to-day, a machine that can produce—and I don’t know of another machine that could compete with Kornit in terms of supporting Inkthreadable to scale at the pace we have.”

Alex Cunliffe and an employee are working at the Kornit Avalanche HD6.
Alex Cunliffe and an employee are working at the Kornit Avalanche HD6.

According to Cunliffe, Inkthreadable provides on-demand fulfillment so “a worldwide audience, everybody from worldwide brands to kitchen table-based business owners, can sell their products online,” handling the operational aspects of e-commerce while freeing creators and entrepreneurs to focus on their sales and marketing needs. In serving this broad and diverse online community, Cunliffe strives to meet its commitment to sustainable, responsible production processes—where Inkthreadable and Kornit Digital find common cause.

“Sustainability throughout the business is really important to me and Amy,” says Alex. “We carry this through with practices such as carbon offsetting, and by working with preferred brands that use organic cotton and eco-friendly manufacturing processes. With its vegan, eco-friendly inks, Kornit allows us to carry that through to the production process, aligning very well with our worldview and the values of our market.”

In Kornit Digital, Alex has found a partner that maintains the same values to which Inkthreadable commits, even as the business grows to occupy ever-larger spaces and serve ever-larger market opportunities, providing customers of all sizes with retail-quality pieces on demand.

“Amy and I started Inkthreadable coming out of school, and to be where we are ten years later, moving into such a large factory, we’re really excited for the next step of our journey,” he says. “Even as we’ve just upscaled, we’re already working with Kornit to plan future system installations and be able to increase our footprint even further.”