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Inkthreadable, UK is a printing drop ship business with an edge – an edge on customer service and user experience. You name it, they will print and fulfill it – from tshirts, to hoodies, mugs,¬ phone cases and other products
Behind the scenes this is easier said than done.

Alex Cunliffe, CEO of Inkthreadable UK says that his company in the past has been approached for bulk runs of 500 to 1000 garments but has never been able to quote competitively because screen printers have always been able to beat them on price.

“With the Avalanche HD we recently fulfilled a job of 1000 identical tshirts competitive to screen printing and as a benefit we also managed to 500 mixed designs for the same client in the same job.” Says Cunliffe. “When we installed the Avalanche HD almost instantly we tripled our potential printing capacity; it also had an ink reduction cost from the HD from 30-40% percent.

As a company Inkthreadable works with a lot of small business that work with ecommerce, most often very creative people. They may have 6,7,8 up to 10 colors. To produce these with screen especially in the small volumes that they do, just wouldn’t be possible due to cost implications.

“With the Avalanche HD color gamut Hexa system, we can match pantone colors which is unheard of in digital printing. We are able to produce the softest prints that we’ve seen with a digital printer. The color vibrancy exceeds any printer we have used historically and the prints are just loved by the customers that get them.”

“We can achieve far brighter more solid white with a single pass print than we have ever been able to achieve before and The Avalanche HD has opened our potential to be able to print on more substrates. As well as cotton garments we can now print on polyester which historically has been a very difficult to achieve. We have increased our throughput on the machine in comparison to others by about 40% And the amazing fact Is that we didn’t need any additional operators to do it.”