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Jakprints needed an efficient way to produce high-quality prototypes and samples. The Kornit Avalanche 951 leveraged Jakprints expertise in both screen-printing and lithography to produce quality merchandise customers needed.
Pushing the limits with Kornit printers

Pushing the limits with Kornit printers

Unique and Inspired Products
The founders of Jakprints came together over music and art, and they’ve leveraged those experiences to build a company that serviced over 40,000 customers in 2014. Back in the 1990’s, touring the country with a band, they realized there was a common problem all bands shared: They didn’t have enough money or demand to cost effectively produce T-shirts and promotional material. Pairing basic knowledge in screen-printing and graphic design with their contacts in the music world, they started Jakprints in 2001 to fulfill apparel and collateral print needs for bands across the country.

Today, Jakprints specializes in working with graphic designers and advertising agencies to serve a variety of industries including entertainment, business, retail and consumer goods. They produce a wide range of products–apparel, full-color collateral, stickers and large format items. The company’s vision is to produce unique and inspired products, so the majority of their orders are personally managed.

Why Kornit?

With quality as a driving force, Jakprints searched for a way to produce “real,” high-caliber prototypes and samples that could be used by clothing lines, bands and merchandisers to secure large orders. The more common digital samples wouldn’t meet the customers’ expectations.

In addition, with the growing popularity of polyester apparel, Jakprints needed a print solution that matched its quality demands when printing on challenging performance fabrics like Sanmar’s Posi-tek cationic dyed polyester. Jakprints found that the Kornit printers could achieve extraordinary colors while precisely matching intricate designs on today’s popular performance fabrics.

Jakprints leveraged its expertise, utilizing its high-end in-house separators, screen printers and 4-color process printing professionals to optimize the Kornit Avalanche output. They were able to achieve vibrant colors, opaque prints and the whitest whites.

The prototyping and sampling success led to short run production and virtual inventory fulfillment for odd sizes and colors, so Jakprints could continue to meet and even exceed customer needs.

Jakprints values Kornit’s water-soluble ink options, integrated pre-treatment process, ease of operation, print resolution and height-adjustable print heads. The technology and engineering available in the Kornit printers allows Jakprints to continue to push the limits.

An investment in quality

Return on investment (ROI) is always a part of a business equation, but for Jakprints it’s just one piece of the puzzle. Jakprints values its brand, so quality, engineering, innovation and industry-leading technology are critical decision points when evaluating capital expenditures. Kornit printers give Jakprints the state-of-the-art solutions it values to keep producing the quality products its customers have come to expect.