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Jura Textil

Higher output in shorter time through digital textile printing – For over 30 years, Jura Textil GmbH has been a full-service partner of the promotional product industry in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for textiles and textile finishing. Two years ago, with help from Kornit, the company became even more diversified and productive.

Starting out as a weaving operation making terry products in their grandparents’ basement, within three decades, Jura Textil has become a state-of-the-art centre of excellence for the production and finishing of promo wear, corporate fashion, workwear, sportswear, and terry towelling products. Today, Jura customers can have all their textile requirements met and obtain all the textile-related services they need quickly and reliably from a single source. An ever-changing company with dynamic growth. For Managing Director Philipp Mehl, this means always moving with the times and investing in new technologies like their Kornit system: “Nowadays, digital printing in textile finishing is an absolute must!”


Variable runs

Felix Wilhelm, Production Manager at Jura Textil
Felix Wilhelm, Production Manager

At Jura, the runs vary from one to 5,000 pieces per order. This calls for capacity and speed, but also flexibility. All properties that Jura Production Manager Felix Wilhelm appreciates in their Kornit system: “I can produce even the shortest runs without setup costs efficiently on it.” The business model, however, is oriented towards larger runs of 400-500 pieces per shift in digital printing for events or larger end customers. “A quantity that we have been able to handle without problems and with short lead times since our Kornit system was put into operation.”


Higher margins without pre-treatment

Production with Kornit Storm Hexa at Jura Textil
Production with Kornit Digital Printing Solutions

“We decided on Kornit because Kornit can perform wet-in-wet printing while other systems require additional pre-treatment,” explains Felix Wilhelm, “This means we save a huge amount of time while simultaneously increasing our output.” Another argument in favour: sustainability. “The use of eco-textiles and environment-friendly printing on the Kornit system results in a sustainable and high-margin package.”


Sustainable investment

According to Managing Director Philipp Mehl, the investment in their Kornit system is also sustainable: “We would absolutely recommend this machine. It is genuinely equipped with technology that will do its job for many years to come and at the same time, it is user-friendly and easy to maintain.”