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Just Sew Sports

How Just Sew Sports reached a new market of customized prints.

About Just Sew Sports

Just Sew Sports is a full-service garment decorating shop offering customers screen printing, embroidery, digital signs and direct-to-garment (DTG) printing. Located in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, Just Sew Sports works with customers including schools, small businesses and corporate companies.

Looking to reach a new marketplace of customers wanting small quantities and customized shirts, Just Sew Sports searched for the best DTG printer for their business.

The Challenge: Reaching a New Market of Customized Prints

Just Sew Sports had several requirements for their DTG printer. They wanted to print at least 30-60 shirts an hour and meet constant improvements in technology and software. From a financial side, they wanted to pay off their machine in one year and make at least 125 dollars per hour while running it. “We had goals for our machine,” says Charles Thelen, of Just Sew Sports. “We’ve met all of them. The software has improved and the machine has gotten faster. The latest QuickP Designer 2.0 software has increased our production 15 percent.”

“The Breeze is an all-around amazing piece of equipment,” says Thelan. “The biggest benefit for us is having Kornit over the competition.” In addition to the technology and software, Thelen describes their experience with Kornit’s International Customer Support center. “Overall, the people at Kornit make it worthwhile on its own. We have a lot of equipment here, and hands down, Kornit’s service is the best.”

The Solution: Kornit Breeze and QuickP Solution to Produce High-Quality Prints

Looking into the future of their business and partnership with Kornit, Just Sew Sports explains they plan to run their Breeze and soon purchase a bigger printer. With more than 15,000 prints and no machine problems outside of the warranty, Just Sew Sports will continue to stay on-trend and offer customers customized prints in small quantities.