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The Storm II has enabled Olmar to offer their customers faster turnover and more creativity, versatility and quality in their design options. Today, Olmar’s core production output relies on the Kornit Storm II solution.

Taking the leap: Introducing digital print to drive business forward

Located in Lodz, the heart of the Polish textile industry, Olmar specialises in garment and lingerie print production. It was founded by textile engineer and owner, Jacek Namiecinski, who has over 25 years industry experience. Its aim is to offer customers a premium, high speed, high quality print service. Namiecinski sought to propel his business even further by implementing the latest digital technologies available for garment printing and to offer his customers faster turnover and more creativity, versatility and quality in their design options. Today, Olmar’s core production output relies on the Kornit Storm II solution.

No need to compromise on quality with quantity, the Kornit Storm II has it covered

Namiecinski knew from the start that the Storm II was the system he wanted to help grow his company. With his industry background, Namiecinski’s decision to purchase the Kornit Storm II was an informed one and realised with the help of Kornit Digital and its carefully selected local representative. The first challenge they faced was to switch the mindset of its clients.

Centered in Eastern Europe and Poland, customers often favor cheap prices over quality prints and forfeit on the long-term results. Olmar sought to change this with the Kornit Storm II’s unparalleled print results, demonstrating that no print is too complex; colour richness is optimal; and prints are durable, colorfast and complete with an excellent handfeel finish. What’s more, Olmar is able to offer this service at an affordable price thanks to the Storm II’s efficient and sustainable printing system.

Kornit’s NeoPigment inks alone have helped Olmar to reduce printing time and production costs. The water based inks are 100% biodegradable and toxin-free and have been approved by Oeko-Tex 100 and American Association of Textile Chemists & Colorists (AATCC) to meet the strictest industry standards. With just one ink set, Olmar prints on a large variety of fabric substrates and experiences excellent results every time.

Over 25 years’ textile experience and still learning

Namiecinski’s outlines the learning curve that the company has undergone since working with Kornit’s DTG technology as a key factor in transforming his business. It’s not enough to want to print using Kornit. One has to fulfil a series of conditions, complete a specialist training course conducted by the Kornit and also commit to the strict regulations imposed. In return, customers receive much more than a DTG garment printer built for long-term stability. They receive a complete Direct-to-Garment Printing Solution with the highest quality results.

“The Kornit Storm II is a demanding machine so we comply with all of the conditions made by the manufacturer and, as a result, we don’t have any problems,” continues Namiecinski. “The printer works between 10 and 12 hours a day, producing around 500 designs, and we are still not employing it to its full capacity. The potential is huge and, in time, we will make use of it.”

For Olmar, the end results are priority with durability and colorfastness at the top of its agenda, and the company plans to print using discharge in response to the demand for high quality fashion products that have a soft hand feel and comfortable to wear. Namiecinski states that the Kornit solution “has been very valuable for the growth and diversity of the business”.

The future’s bright

The company is now planning to continue with its steady growth as its Kornit Storm II adds to its productivity, versatility and quality. “This enterprising Polish company is an excellent example of how Kornit Digital can work with businesses to take them to new levels of technological expertise that results in creativity and versatility,” comments Wilfried Kampe, Managing Director of Kornit Digital Europe. “The Storm II will enable Olmar to stand out in its region for producing innovative designs with the help of the best direct-to-garment printer available and the support of Kornit’s expertise in the garment market.”

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