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The Kornit Avalanche 1000 helps PetraTex maintain their innovative and creative edge

About Petratex

Established in the 1989, PETRATEX is an experienced company which, thanks to the successful combination of efforts from its production units in Portugal and Tunisia, has grown manifold to acquire a leading position in the industry.

Leveraging its developed business acumen and vast industrial knowledge, the firm offers a wide spectrum of world class products to its target markets, namely the fashion and sports industries. All its plansand strategies are directed towards delivering optimum value to each of its customers, with the basic goal to create products that are on a par with the customers` expectations.

The Challenge – Consistently Bringing Innovation and Quality to the Market

The superlative range of products that PETRATEX offers is the result of in-depth and thorough research work undertaken by their excellent team of R&D experts. They are consistently engaged in studies related tothe industry, the market, the ever changing business environment and customers`ever growing demands. The constant flow of ideas and suggestions emanating from the minds of their R&D team allows them to pinpoint the opportunities provided by the market, facilitating effective decision making. PETRATEX need to partner with like-minded providers, suppliers and people to ensure that their quest for excellence is maintained.

Through their desire to provide the solution to all their customer’s needs, PETRATEX understood the importance and relevance of digital printing in the fashion and sports world. They needed a partner who would be able to supply them with the digital printing solution that not only met their quality and development demands, but understood and believed in their sustainability ideals too. This matches the cornerstones of Kornit Digital, who prides itself on well-developed R&D teams, in-house advanced chemistry research and high-end technology that is environmentally friendly, to be the first to respond to their customers’ needs, today and tomorrow.

“To ensure the success of our company, we have always invested in the use of advanced technologies”, said Sergio Neto, CEO of PETRATEX. Thanks to the combination of their in-house specialists` expertise and ultra-modern machines, their company boasts an unparalleled technical know-how that translates into value added for their customers. “It is in these shared priorities and foundations that Kornit and PETRATEX meet”, he added.“With Kornit’s extensive in-house development and industry expertise, and their desire to minimize their environmental footprint, they are the perfect partnerfor us in our mission”.


Petratex's Prints

The Solution – A Partnership built on Shared Customer Values and Goals

Nowadays, PETRATEX’s machines have distinct and specific characteristics, perfectly adapted to the various stages of the production circuit. Kornit’s digital print machines, the Kornit Avalanche and Avalanche1000, form part of their impressive set of machinery, combined with the revolutionary NeoPigment ink and environmentally friendly chemistry. Matching PETRATEX value for value, the partnership with Kornit Digital has grown from strength to strength.

Kornit Digital combines high-end technology and chemistry while adhering to the strictest human health and environmental industry standards. With Kornit Digital, PETRATEX are able to apply digital printing directly on fashion and sports pieces by using top-end industrial inks specifically developed for textile printing, allowing optimal results to be achieved. This technique provides the additional advantage of not needing the same quantity of chemical products necessary for the preparation of garments, something that other conventional printing techniques cannot be without. Kornit’s NeoPigment ink is water-based and compliant with the Oeko-Tex 100 certification, as well as others.

It was due to the combination of steps towards excellence and by making self-improvement an everyday obsession that PETRATEX has achieved and maintained the solid competitive advantage it currently holds over its competitors. And Kornit Digital is proud to be a part of their success, and to contribute to the solutions they provide to their customers.


The Avalanche 1000