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Seve Seregrafia

Sere Seregrafia specialises in garment printing and embroidery to create customized creations that delight customers!

Seve Serigrafia is Kornit’s Oldest Italian Customer, based in Faenza in the Province of Ravenna, close to Bologna.


Seve Serigrafia is a handicraft business that has specialised in screen printing and embroidery for more than a decade. The owner, Seve has always been passionate about printing, and this passion, combined with Italian flair for design is apparent in the beautiful designs that Seve Serigrafia print. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, in both screen and digital printing, he is a master at what he does. His motto – To produce quality goods to delight his customers with the customized creations that he has become so well known for. Seve Serigrafia’s business includes amongst others, selling customised T-shirts, polo and sweatshirts from his online store.



Before purchasing a Kornit printer, Seve Serigrafia produced t-shirts manually, printing up to 6/8 colours. This work was time consuming and labour-intensive. Seve sought a fast, efficient and cost effective solution. He decided to purchase a Kornit printer close to 13 years ago, and was then Kornit’s first customer operating in Italy.

The Kornit printer was acquired to print customized, short-runs as well as personalized shirts. With the Kornit printer he was not limited to t-shirts only, but experimented with various garments.


Seve Serigrafia on Kornit:

“With the Kornit digital textile printer, we need only one operator to manage the customized garment section of the business, providing a significant saving on labor costs.”