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Shirtracer, a young company based in the Franconian city of Fürth, began its success story in 2008. The idea was so simple, yet highly successful: with their online design tool, Shirtracer helps customers print their own motifs onto whatever fabric they like, letting their imaginations run free.

Kevin Marschall CEO Shirtracer
Kevin Marschall, Shirtracer CEO

Although the first few orders were printed at home in their living room, the company has since become one of the big players. And Kevin Marschall, the current CEO of Shirtracer GmbH, has been there from the start.  Having reached their maximum production capacity, they needed to find another solution. In May 2017, Shirtracer took its next big step and professionalized its production by purchasing its first Kornit Avalanche Hexa R: “When we were looking for a new machine, we very quickly came across Kornit and were immediately convinced. We watched all the videos on Facebook and Instagram and knew then and there that Shirtracer and Kornit were a perfect match.”


Introduction of the Kornit Avalanche Hexa R

The technical facts, in particular, were convincing. “For even better productivity, improved quality and richer printed colors, we decided to purchase a Kornit Avalanche Hexa R, which promised not only all of that but also prompt delivery,” explains Kevin Marschall. Since the very beginning, Shirtracer has been focussed on fast delivery and the promise of perfect print results in order to deliver customers’ orders in record time. The first machine exceeded expectations in no time, so the company soon placed orders for more Kornit Avalanche Hexa R machines. Shirtracer GmbH now has four Kornit Avalanche Hexa R machines in its production halls.

One printing system – thousands of possibilities


With all the different printing options it offers, Shirtracer’s portfolio is virtually unlimited: from babygrows and chefs’ aprons to tote bags and running shirts, they do it all. The Kornit Avalanche Hexa R can print on almost any type of fabric, including cotton, polyester, cotton-polyester blends, LycraⓇ, viscose, silk, leather, denim, wool and more.

“At the end of the day, it’s about getting the best results for our customers. That includes producing high-quality products in the fastest time.”


Shirtracer Case Study Working closely with Kornit has allowed Shirtracer to fully exploit all the functionalities of the Kornit Avalanche Hexa R.

Order placement at Shirtracer is now completely automatic, every step is perfectly orchestrated and the whole process is meticulously planned down to the very last detail. Kevin Marschall describes the workflow: “In the best-case scenario, an order can be finished and ready for dispatch within an hour – and that’s our specialty.” The orders are fed into a central system and created instantly – all this is done automatically. Then, a well-rehearsed system kicks in: pickers gather the print products from the warehouse, the Line Manager scans the print order and sends it to the machine’s hot folder. Then, in a few quick steps, the printers operate the machine with the utmost precision. Through years of training, the Shirtracer team have become well-versed in every function the machine has to offer, allowing them to operate it with ease. So much so, in fact, that during seasonal peaks, even the boss joins in and can deftly operate the presses when needed.


Shirtracer Avalanche Hexa R

Since they have been working with Kornit, Shirtracer GmbH has been able to expand its business: the Shirtracer brand continues to concentrate on B2C, supplying products through its own online shop and through marketplaces such as Amazon. But with the establishment of Dropshirt, it now also supplies products to the B2B market.
With the addition of the red and green channels, the Kornit Avalanche Hexa can now print 30% more colors. Kevin Marschall is convinced: “That makes a huge difference for us. With the extended color spectrum, we can print any Pantone color and any company logo. Now we have the opportunity to exploit the market all over again.”