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Silk Screen Ink

The Kornit`s Storm II resolves the challenge of how to easily handle small customer orders.

About Silk Screen Ink

Silk Screen Ink has served Storm Lake, Iowa for more than 30 years. After successfully branching into the internet marketplace, Silk Screen Ink has opened a second location in Denver, Colorado, which also allows them to overnight ship anywhere in the United States.Silk Screen Ink prides itself on exceeding customer expectations. By providing high-quality, customized digital prints in small runs and with fast turnaround, they have proven themselves as a top-notch printer time and again. With a team of more than 25 skilled technicians, designers, and customer service representatives, Silk Screen Ink is able to efficiently and successfully service the internet marketplace worldwide. As one of Kornit’s first customers, Silk Screen Ink has been growing with Kornit, and as they continue to grow, Kornit will continue to be an integral part of their customer offerings.

The Challenge: Producing One Solution for One Customer Anywhere in the World

Prior to the purchase of their first Kornit printer, Silk Screen Ink recognized their next challenge – the internet marketplace. Their goal was to provide customized shirts to anyone in the world, and make money doing it. Screen printing was the main tool for printing shirts, but Silk Screen Ink wasn’t able to produce runs shorter than 100 units for their customers, and most of their customers looking for custom shirts couldn’t afford to keep excess inventory. Quickly catching onto the trend of customized short runs and internet sales, Silk Screen Ink sought out the best solution for their business.

The Solution: Kornit`s Storm II Allows Small Orders for Customers Wanting Low Quantities

Armed with their first Kornit Storm and Kornit’s web-to-print technology, Silk Screen Ink began to integrate its own e-commerce site with the Kornit Storm.

Silk Screen Ink’s customers are able to create their own t-shirt design and artwork and submit the file for purchase. Silk Screen Ink receives the order in their project queue, prints the order and within hours or days, the order is on its way to the customer.

Over time Silk Screen Ink has operated eight Kornit printers, including the Storm, Thunder, Storm II and Avalanche. “The quality of Kornit has gotten better every year,” said Jay Butterfield, owner of Silk Screen Ink. “Inks have gotten better and the machines have gotten faster.” Since purchasing their first Kornit printer, Silk Screen Ink has been producing one-off prints, enabling t-shirt designers and artists to introduce their artwork to anyone in the world one piece at a time.

“We have been able to grow, and our customers have been able to grow with us,” said Butterfield. Now with a second location up and running, Silk Screen Ink plans to continue to build upon Kornit’s technology with their own and see more growth for their business and their customers.