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The Snuggle Printing Team is changing its printing process

Direct-to-garment machines are an advantageous addition to the UV and sublimation printing because they enable providing quality products and quality printing at the most competitive prices.

Snuggle Limited, based in Peterborough, UK is specializing in DTG, UV and sublimation printing which enables us to print onto a huge expansive array of substrates and fabrics to be able to offer you what you need.

Snuggle History

„My name is Shabbir and I’m the managing director at Snuggle Limited. My partner, Akil and myself started our company back in 2011. We used to do mobile phone contracts and then we moved in from doing that into printed phone cases. And we used to do that for the local SME market.
As we used to get requests for lots of clothing, it naturally progressed us into doing clothing. So now, we do UV printing, sublimation, and direct-to-garment printing.“

Introducing the Kornit systems

Kornit Digital Snuggle Case Study
Company founder and one of the managing directors Shabbir

Shabbir talks about the challenges they had with the previous methods that they used to print with: „They were slow, and you also had a manual process to pretreat a garment. With the Kornit Storm HEXAs, it removes that manual process, so the machine itself would pretreat the garment and then you’d have a nice even finish on it, and it also sped up the printing time itself. So, where we were printing one t-shirt in approximately 3 and a half minutes, we took that down to about 1 minute. “

Shabbir und Akil von Snuggle.
Shabbir and Akil – business partners at Snuggle Limited

Snuggle’s managing director mentions how after purchasing the two Kornit Storm Hexa systems, they immediately saw a massive increase in the direct-to-garment orders they were getting: „The business changed its focused a lot more on to trade printing and we do a lot more work for on-demand printers. So, as we needed an increase in capacity, we decided that we needed to look for alternatives. We did consider purchasing a third HEXA machine, but then realized that there was a better option which was the Kornit Avalanche HD6.“

Introducing the Kornit Avalanche HD6

Shabbir continues „Since we purchased the Kornit Avalanche HD6s, it’s allowed us to print onto a wider variety of garments. We can now print onto polyester garments successfully, which has been requested by lots of people. It’s allowed us to do more capacity and significant savings in ink has allowed us to invest back into the company and grow further with our DTG.“

The cost benefits of direct-to-garment versus UV printing

During the shooting of the interview

With production now able to meet demand, Shabbir and Akil can see the advantages of direct-to-garment along with UV printing: „We do in-house UV printing which uses ultraviolet light to cure inks onto a hard surface. We use that for a lot of our phone cases and accessories that we sell. The advantage of having direct-to-garment printing along with UV printing is that, when you have customers that looking for a range of products, you can offer that full range, anything from garments to phone tablet cases to things for the house.“

We are Snuggle and we love to print!

Snuggle is dedicated to bringing a change to printing and making life easier, simpler, less complicated whilst also being more efficient. „Since working with Kornit, I feel that it’s been really advantageous for the company. We’ve been able to print on to a wider array of garments, we’re able to print more, and were able to save a significant amount of money. I think going into the future is an exciting time for us all with prints better than ever before“, Shabbir concludes.

Snuggle plans for the New Year to purchase a third Kornit Avalanche HD6 after first moving to a bigger location. „We’re proud of our incredible print quality, service and prices and are sure you will be happy with the final products“, says Akil.