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Taking the leap: investing in digital textile printing to drive business forward – Direct-to-garment machines are a great addition to our screen, flex and embroidery printing which enables us to offer high standards of quality and speed, as well as reliability to our customers.
Boender & Beutel GMbH, based in Cologne, Germany, has been offering textile finishing at the highest level with its X-Print & Shirtee since 2007.

Boender & Beutel History

Nino Boender, one of the CEOs of X-Print & Shirtee talks to us about their company. “Philip and I have two brands: X-Print and Shirtee. For X-Print, we do most of the work in screen printing and embroidery for companies and agencies of more than 50 pieces in one order. For Shirtee we have a crowdfunding platform where designers can upload their designs and can earn money with the platform. There we make prints on-demand by direct-to-garment systems, where we also do warehouse and drop shipping”.


Introducing the Kornit systems

He goes on and explains how Shirtee brand had developed over the past few years “We recognize that our customers don’t want to wait longer than 3 to 5 days for a product, so we thought of buying a direct-to-garment system. We initially purchased a second-hand machine from Kornit. Only a few months later, we saw the business growing so fast that we needed to buy our first brand new Kornit Storm Hexa, and overtime another two Avalanche HD6 systems. We are now equipped with the latest technology so that we meet our high standards of quality, speed and short-term, as well as reliability to our customers.”

Why did you choose Kornit over the competition?

Here is what Nino reveals to us: “We have also compared other machines from other competitors, from Kornit but the main workflow for the Kornit machine is the wet printing. One person can produce at one machine and some other competitors have other workflows and in our case for printing on demand, we have only one design and one shirt, one single order, so it’s much better to work with Kornit”.

How easy is to use the Kornit Avalanche HD6 system?

Nino Boender, one of the partners mentions to us having the Kornit Avalanche HD6 has made their life easier “We have more than 500,000 orders per year and the Kornit Avalanche HD6 systems give us the most possible output. During each day we work in 2 shifts on 2 machines; Avalanche HD6 and we can deliver within one or 2 days.”

“For us, it was important to change the palettexprint shirtee using Avalanche HD6 easily because this already has a t-Shirt, the other one already has a baby body for example and in this case, we can use the quick release from Kornit very well. It works very fine, you can print one shirt and then the other print the body, then the hoody and you can change it and you have the maximum output”.

How did you experience our Customer Service Support?

Reliability is a very important factor “For us, it was important to find a company who gives us the maximum support with this machine, where when we have an issue we have direct contact with the support. They stay here in Cologne, we are very close to them which is also very good for us and we are very happy to work with them. The partnership is very good and during Christmas, we also get some special support because of the high season is the most important season for us and it’s very good.”

What features do you like the most?

“The workflow, how you can print, whether wet and then the fast output and the good quality of the design when it comes out from the machine. When you grow so fast, you should have a good partnership with the producer of the machines where you’re printing.”

With production now able to meet demand and with Kornit’s help, Nino can see this side of the business grow further. “The reason for this is the Kornit machine is of very good quality, they produce very fast and have a good output and we look forward to our partnership in the future.”