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Teetaly implements Kornit Digital Direct-to-Garment Technology for Sustainable, Versatile Apparel Decoration. Italian provider of imprinted garments says Kornit Digital’s technology offers “incredible cost benefits,” making them a “strategic long-term partner”.

“I’m an engineer, and I’ve believed in digital from the beginning, always trying to find a technology partner who could help us achieve customization,” said Vincenzo Cirimele, Teetaly’s CEO. 

Introducing Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro

Kornit Avalanche HD 6 with employees
Kornit Avalanche HD 6 with employees

“Kornit fulfills a need where something has been missing, especially in Italy, to print quickly, down to a single copy, with exceptional quality. The market for polyester, in particular, has seen considerable growth, and thanks to Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro we believe we can solve a big demand problem that exists here.”

According to Cirimele, these two systems are already delivering more than 2,000 prints per day in total, enabling them to receive a customer’s personalized order, print it, pack it, and ship it in a matter of minutes. In addition to serving end consumers, Teetaly is also able to fulfill such orders for other businesses, with a growing revenue stream coming from print shops unable to imprint personalized apparel in their demanded quantities, within this expedited time frame, themselves.

“We believe Kornit Digital offers terrific value as a strategic long-term partner, investing in research and development, respecting the environment, focusing on quality, and giving us exceptional productivity for incredible cost benefits relative to more traditional print methods,” said Cirimele. 

“There are no limits to the artwork and creativity our customers can print to a wide range of garments from different manufacturers. So far, our partnership with Kornit has been a winning one—our numbers say so, and our customers are pleased with their apparel.”

“Incredible cost benefits” making them a “strategic long-term partner”


Kornit Avalanche POLY PRO
Kornit Avalanche POLY PRO

Cirimele added that Teetaly remains engaged with Kornit’s support team to continuously build business strategies that optimize their investment and generate new opportunities for the organization.

“When Kornit sells one of its solutions, that’s merely the beginning of a partnership in which we’re promising to grow our capabilities as partners like Teetaly grow theirs,” said Omer Kulka, Kornit’s EVP of Marketing and Product Strategy. “Teetaly saw fit to capitalize on the exploding on-demand economy, and we look forward to standing behind them as they deliver the high-quality imprinted sportswear, tees, polos, and other apparel their customers will associate with their brand.”