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Tin Tan Ton

The Kornit Breeze enables unprecedented customization opportunities to their customers.

About Tin Tan Ton

In 2010, Tin Tan Ton, a customer and apparel shop based in Israel, started providing personalized prints for phone cases, mouse pads, coffee mugs and other accessories. Identifying the growing trend in the market for individuals and companies to customize what they wear, give and offer, Tin Tan Ton decided to slowly expand into providing made-to-order direct to garment solutions to their customers. And so began their search for the right printing equipment to accomplish this.

Finding the right answer to their customized Direct to Garment needs

After extensive investigations, Kornit Digital was selected to partner with Tin Tan Ton in their growth. With its compact size, high-quality print results and the ability to quickly customize prints according to customer demands, the Kornit Breeze stood out as the best solution for gaining a competitive advantage against other retailers. Owner Eden Zelivansky explained “we searched for nine months for a solution that would provide high-quality digital printing on t-shirts, and we found the Kornit Breeze”.

Providing their customers with unprecedented customization and personalization opportunities

Not only did Tin Tan Ton find the Kornit Breeze to be the best solution for high-quality digital printing on t-shirts, pillow cases, scarves and bibs, but it also opened an additional, unexpected opportunity. Harnessing the versatility of the Kornit Breeze, they discovered their biggest customized sensation to date – digitally personalized shoes. How do they do this? By printing the digital design on pieces of cotton, Tin Tan Ton are able to create the pattern for the shoe in their own shop, and then send it out to be professionally moulded into actual shoes. Since the Kornit Breeze is able to print on a variety of fabrics and with an unprecedented color gamut, Tin Tan Ton is able to offer their customers the chance to take any design and match it with their shoes, shirts and other accessories. The idea behind their now extraordinary DTG printing portfolio is to give their customers the option to match his or her shoes, shirts, and bags, with any personalized design.”With the Kornit Breeze, we can take any design and print it on regular finished garments, and we can print the design on pieces of cotton fabric, in such a way as to be able to sew them into shoes,” he says. “It`s simply amazing”. The Kornit Breeze has given Tin Tan Ton the means with which to satisfy their customers growing need for individualization, creativity and personalization.

The customized shoes have been such a hit that Zelivansky plans to have an entire collection of men and women’s shoes in all sizes. Directly crediting the success of his collection with the Kornit Breeze`s ability to provide complete customization of designs, Zelivansky states that “we couldn`t survive without it.”

We at Kornit Digital are proud to be a part of Tin Tan Ton`s success and look forward to growing our partnership together.


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