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Visual Impressions

In order to offer faster production, superior image clarity and color brightness, while helping to meet the production demands of their new online e-commerce market, Visual Impressions uses the Kornit Avalanche 1000.

Expanding into the ever growing e-commerce world

Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Visual Impressions is a leader in the garment decorating business for over 20 years, specifically providing print services to the ASI industry. A 100,000 sq. ft. facility allows them to manage all their clients’ screen printing and embroidery needs with central distribution throughout the USA. The Visual Impressions team strives to produce outstanding quality every day.

When the digital print movement began, Visual Impressions responded by purchasing one of Kornit’s earliest machines, the Kornit 931 in 2005, that is still running strong today. Now, they have eleven auto screen presses as well as 100 heads of embroidery. In 2013, Visual Impressions launched a powerful new website, Ink to the People, to expand into the online ecommerce t-shirt market, calling for the need to find a printer that could facilitate short and long runs with the quickest possible turnover.

The search for faster printing, shorter runs, and next day delivery (or, the next best thing)!

Today, Visual Impressions has added the Kornit Avalanche 1000 to its world class printing system to meet these needs. With the advent of the internet, consumers are used to getting orders processed faster. Standard industry lead times have shrunk from 7-10 days to 3-5 days and more customers are ordering more frequently, and often shorter runs. Visual Impressions’ challenge was to find a digital printer that is competitive in the market and meets their ever-increasing production demands; this means efficiency, machine reliability, speed, and most importantly superior print quality. Marshall Atkinson, Visual Impressions COO explains, “The Kornit Avalanche 1000 meets our production demands as it is an easy-to-use production platform. Queued art is easily printed onto garments in one step, and what makes it efficient is the automatic, built-in pre-treatment system. You just load the shirts, press a button, and you are in business. Why pedal a bicycle when you can drive a sports car?”

The Kornit Avalanche 1000 offers the fastest print speed on both light and dark garments, with a dual-bridge system enabling true parallel printing. What’s more, the integrated humidity control and backup battery system is built in for increased reliability — another core strength of Kornit’s printing solutions. “We need a production workhorse that is reliable and can handle everything we throw at it, and the Avalanche 1000 hits home run every time.”

Visual Impressions is also very much sustainability and environment conscious, adding a key factor to their decision to partner with Kornit Digital. All of Kornit’s NeoPigment™ inks meet strict environmental regulations and offer increased efficiency over dye-based formulations. “The saving and values of the Kornit unit with its water based ink, and limited consumable items compared to screen printing proved a very significant carbon improvement for the company.”

Securing customer relations, at both ends of the (color) spectrum

Since 2005, Visual Impressions and Kornit Digital have worked together to secure a strong customer relationship starting from B2B and ending with B2C. Together, the strong vision for customer satisfaction has driven a long and successful digital print relationship. Now, Visual Impressions is printing 6 million+ impressions annually, with short runs of as little as 12, 48 and 100 prints daily.

“Everyone at the Kornit Team is dedicated to our success. Their team has produced a world class printing system, and their goal is to ensure our production is world class as well. We value their commitment to our success and wouldn’t think of using any other DTG printer on the market.”


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