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Print Logistic

Print Logistic, a company that focuses primarily on the latest and the only technologies on the Polish Market, have an innovative clothing production support system for e-commerce and their own sewing room. They print on fabrics and cotton knitwear.

Meet the Print Logistic Team

Shirt Monkey Kornit Digital Case study
Michal Tracz, CEO of Print Logistic

“With Kornit Allegro we hope to change the way people print on textile in Poland!”

Michal Tracz, the CEO of Print Logistic tells us how it all started: “I’m running this business with my brother Victor. Our company has strong family roots. Our father is in the fashion business for over 40 years. We started the business from plating fabrics, and my brother and I were looking for some new innovative technology. That’s why we decided to invest direct-to-garment and roll to roll technology.“

Introducing the Kornit Allegro

Michal told us that he initially started the direct-to-garment business with one Kornit Breeze. Although, it was a tough and risky decision at that time as it was the first direct-to-garment system in Poland, after only one year they started seeing the potential in the e-commerce and decided to acquire a Kornit Allegro, develop their own innovative logistics service for the e-commerce business in Poland.

Kornit Allegro is one of the most advanced single-step solutions for digital textile pigment printing! With its in-line fixation and being able to print on multiple fabric types with amazing color vibrancy and without any post-treatment, this can be a great opportunity for every business! Now also available with neon pigment inks – the only ones in the industry!

While talking about Kornit Allegro, Michal tells us more about it: “The best advantage of this machine is the one-step solution and we don’t need any process before and after, and it’s suitable for our e-commerce business, because we need to do very fast and have high quality. Everyone in the e-commerce business knows that the speed of delivery in e-commerce is very crucial. So, that’s why we decided on the Kornit because this is the fast, high quality, and we can create all products from design to a ready product in 24 hours, which is incredible.“

Living up the expectations

“I really like Kornit Allegro because it is so easy to operate. Everyone can operate after a short training. This way we save costs because we can train fast next operators, which gives us more opportunities to change the products, change the designs, simultaneously, very fast”, Michal says.

Dare and aim high

“We can print on many products. We can print on 100% cotton, but not only, but we can use also polyester for sportswear, for swimsuits, so, the range of the products is very wide.“

“I’m so excited that we’ve got Kornit Allegro, he concludes. “This is the first machine in the Polish market, therefore I’m really proud to have this system in our company, and we can offer something new to our clients. I hope that this machine helps us become a leader in this part of Europe.“