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By adding a second Paradigm II to their t-shirt printing carousel, WOT can now offer complex digital and screen-printing combinations in a single pass, cost effectively and easily adapting to their customers’ needs.

A one-stop shop – integrating the second Kornit Paradigm II into the production process

With the catchphrase “everything under one roof,” WORLD OF TEXTILES (Willy Maisel GmbH) is one of Europe’s foremost textile finishers with over 90 years of industry experience. Having woven its own materials in the early years, today the company runs its production lines at six sites across the globe: Germany (headquarters), Czech Republic, China, Bangladesh, India and Thailand, and has permanent, direct access to 3.5 million finished items around the world.

In their search to meet the demands of the changing textiles industry WORLD OF TEXTILES integrated a second Kornit Paradigm II into its production workflow. One station of each of the two T-shirt carousels has been equipped with this technology, enabling them to adapt easily and cost-effectively to customer needs.

Why Kornit?

“The Paradigm II is the Mercedes-Benz of digital DTG printing systems”

The Kornit Paradigm II is the DTG (direct-to-garment) add-on solution for screen printers. By augmenting traditional screen-printing systems (carousel or oval machine) it facilitates the move from traditional to digital DTG printing. The Paradigm II is suitable for printing on dark garments, challenging and complex four-color (4c) printing, spot colors and all-digital applications for short runs, making it possible to combine flock, foil, metallic and glitter effects with high-quality digital print images.

The move to DTG digital printing has enabled WORLD OF TEXTILES to easily facilitate short print runs, offer better design and color combinations on dark garments and guarantee an excellent hand feel finish.

“Using traditional transfer printing methods, garments often lose their breathability and flexibility,” Managing Director Willy Maisel explains. “In direct [DTG] printing, the material is dyed and the textile retains its full elasticity.” And you get better color combinations for dark garments too. When printing on dark garments, WORLD OF TEXTILES primarily uses the Paradigm II discharge method. A bleaching ink is used to remove the color from the garment fabric where printing is needed and replaced by the appropriate print color. This means the material feels no different after printing and retains its breathability, while offering a vibrant end result.

“The Paradigm II is the Mercedes-Benz of digital DTG printing systems,” says Maisel.

Fairness and environmental awareness

As well as achieving quality results; sustainability, fairness and environmental awareness are top priorities at WORLD OF TEXTILES. And so, they only work with certified partner companies, including Kornit Digital.

With core values such as bringing production home and giving back to the community, one of Kornit’s most serious commitments is to do our best to reduce the environmental footprint of our company, our partners, and our customers. This of course fits in perfectly with WORLD OF TEXTILES ethos. With this, all of Kornit’s printing solutions are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified and Global Organic Textiles (GOTS-3V) certified, and use a waterless NeoPigmentTM print process that offers the most eco-friendly printing solution on the market.