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Sustainable, On-Demand
Fashion Manufacturing

For the garment, apparel
and home textile industries

Direct To Garment

An unparalleled
competitive edge
with the industry’s
most innovative
sustainably on-demand systems

Kornit’s cutting-edge technologies and constant commitment to sustainability, research, development and innovation are aimed to help textile producers meet the dynamic needs and demands of today’s consumer-driven marketplace. Designed to eliminate redundancies, wasted time, and excess labor, Kornit’s DTG on-demand systems not only produce superior quality with every impression, but also allow textile printers to be profitable from the very first impression. With the industry’s only single-step print process, Kornit’s DTG provides the required flexibility and firepower to produce at the speed needed for the eCommerce age. Furthermore, it eliminates the risk of holding excess inventory and MOQ.
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Direct To Fabric

Unroll brilliant designs,
in any quantity..

Kornit’s industry-leading technologies and unwavering commitment to constant innovation are aimed to help textile producers meet the ever-growing demands for sustainability, both in terms of the planet and sustained growth. Designed to optimize production, Kornit’s single-step DTF on-demand systems are recognized for their superior quality, vivid color accuracy, ease-of-use, and their ability to allow textile printers to be profitable from the very first impression. Using a proprietary NeoPigment™ Robusto ink with Softener solution, the flagship Kornit Presto offers the smoothest handfeel and durability and a cleaner, safer, eco-friendly production process.
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Kornit's operating system for on-demand manufacturing

KornitX makes it easy for brands to respond to in-season needs and bring new products faster than ever to market by switching to on-demand manufacturing. We connect the world’s leading brands to a managed network of top end-to-end fulfillers - fully synced to ensure superior quality and selected based on their proximity to your end customer or your store.
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Digital printing has changed the world of fashion.

Digital printing has changed the world of fashion.
Showing off your identity through what you wear is all the rage and with Kornit Digital personalizing your fashion tops has never been easier.
With Kornit’s cutting-edge Roll-to-Roll system you can print engineered textiles for garment patterns, maximizing the use of fabric and limiting the amount of waste ink. On our Direct-to-garment systems, you can use a range of different pallet sizes to have the option to print carefully-placed designs ranging in size from small and minimalistic all the way to huge, statement prints. Print one off customized designs or alternatively print your most popular design on-demand.
Discover more printing solutions from Kornit, from fabric printing application to printed t-shirts. Contact us to learn more about our incredible dress printing printers and technology!
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Kornit’s products meet
the highest
sustainability standards

Kornit Digital considers sustainability a core company value, and invests great effort and resources in minimizing the company’s environmental footprint. Kornit operates in a sustainable, responsible manner by developing digital printing solutions that are inherently more environmentally-friendly than both traditional and other digital printing methods in the industry.
Kornit’s products meet the highest sustainability standards with zero wastewater and a low carbon footprint, enabling on-demand printing that fits today’s consumer culture.
We work hard to empower our employees and the community, for our business and for the planet. We believe sustainability isn’t a passing trend but rather a mindset, one that we put into practice every step of the way.
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Kornit's Impact Report


Committed to our vision of boldly transforming the world of fashion and textile industry via sustainable on-demand manufacturing, in the report, we share in detail what we have done and what we will continue to do, setting mid-term and longer-term goals and KPIs for concrete action and results. Click to read the full report
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    Million yearly printed garments on Kornit systems

"Wir sind im Bereich der Personalisierung tätig. Kunden stellen immer höhere Ansprüche an Motive und Designs, die Kornit-Drucksysteme problemlos meistern."
Stephen Tessier, CFO
"Im Vergleich zu herkömmlichen Druckverfahren ermöglicht die Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro eine hervorragende Veredelungsqualität."
"Das System liefert auf einer großen Vielfalt von Stoffen höchste Druckqualität und ist dabei einfach zu bedienen."
"Was bei uns [im Jahr 2020] anders ist: Wir haben mehr T-Shirts mit Kornit-Systemen bedruckt als im vergangenen Jahr, und das liegt nur an den COVID-Geschehnissen."
Rafa’s Textiles
"Digitaldruck ist in der Textilveredelung heute ein absolutes Muss!"
Jura Textil
"Dank Kornit können wir unsere Wettbewerber in puncto Individualisierung, Kreativität und Personalisierung schlagen. Ohne Kornit würden wir nicht überleben."
Eden Zelivansky
"Die Kornit Avalanche HD6 ermöglicht uns bei den Tintenkosten eine Reduzierung um 30 Prozent."
"Gedruckt wird ausschließlich digital mit wässrigen Tinten – chemikalienfrei."
"Mit seinem umfassenden Entwicklungs- und Branchen-Know-how ist Kornit der perfekte Partner für uns und unsere Unternehmensphilosophie."
Sergio Neto
Shirtee und X-Print
"Was uns zur Investition in Kornit bewogen hat, ist die Zuverlässigkeit. Wenn ich morgens aufwache, weiß ich, dass die Arbeit erledigt ist."
T Shirt & Sons
"Die Möglichkeit, auf Anfrage zu drucken, macht es nicht nur zum weltweit größten Marktplatz für Designs, sondern es ist auch nachhaltig."
"Die Inline-Vorbehandlung bei Kornit macht den gesamten Prozess für uns viel einfacher."
"Aus unserer Sicht ist Kornit Digital von unschätzbarem Wert als langfristiger strategischer Partner."
"Wir hatten Ziele für unsere Maschine und haben sie alle erreicht."
Charles Thelen