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Business Solutions

Kornit’s Global Fulfiller Network makes it easy for brands to respond to in-season needs and bring new products faster than ever to market by switching to on-demand manufacturing. We connect the world’s leading brands to a managed network of top end-to-end fulfillers - fully synced to ensure superior quality and selected based on their proximity to your end customer or your store.

Product Families

KornitX solutions for Print service providers

KornitX is a scalable and modular software for on-demand fashion and textile products.
it includes a wide variety of modules that makes it easy for fulfillers to source, create, manage, sell and fulfill dropship products.

Sales – Fulfilment partners who want the option to manually approve new orders before putting them into production can do so with our order acceptance tools.

Catalog – Proof Manager Fulfillers who create one-off products for their customers can add proof manager to their workflow, enabling a digital sign-off process.

Production - Turn orders into print jobs and organize them ready for production. Additionally, manage blank products and inventory for a complete view of stock management

Floor - Automate end-to-end production processes on the factory floor with our industry-leading scan point workflow, improving efficiency and visibility of each order.

GFN (wanting to join GFN) - Join our world-leading group of fashion and textile fulfillers, providing print services to the world’s top fashion brands and retailers
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KornitX Solutions For Brands

KornitX offering for brands, licensors, retailers and online commerce owners include a variety of software and service solutions covering different aspects of on demand supply manufacturing.

Sales - Manage every order from all your sales channels in one place and access a range of content from our extensive product database.

Catalog - Create and manage on-demand, personalized and virtual stock products and launch them to your eCommerce channels. Additionally, speed up the process of launching new products with dedicated product approval and onboarding features.

GFN - (wanting to access/use GFN) Fulfil closer to your customers and guarantee the highest quality on every order with Kornit’s Global Fulfilment Network
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Die Kornit-Workflows

Entdecken Sie die zahlreichen Workflows, die von Kornit-Drucksystemen unterstützt werden

Vom Siebdruck zum Digitaldruck

Anpassung an weltweite Trends und Kostensenkung durch die Umstellung mittlerer Auflagen auf den Digitaldruck
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Web-to-Print-Lösung für jede Unternehmensgröße
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Von Klein- zu Kleinstserien

Vorstellung der Kleinstserie, der Weiterentwicklung des digitalen Textildrucks
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Allegro und Schneiden

Optimieren Sie Ihre Textilproduktion, und erschließen Sie neue Geschäftsfelder
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Kornit bietet eine Komplettlösung zur Erfüllung Ihrer Druckanforderungen –
ab dem ersten Tag der Systemkonfiguration und -inbetriebnahme und natürlich auch danach!
Unsere Komplettlösung kennenlernen