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Environmental Health & Safety – Our Commitment

Putting words into action across every aspect of our business

Kornit Digital is committed to reducing any adverse environmental impact caused by our industry. We invest tremendous resources and effort to establish an eco-friendly process and products – from extraction of raw materials to final disposal.

As a leader and role model for environmental protection, and for the safety of our employees and customers, we comply with all relevant laws and regulations in all countries where we operate. We proactively employ new, more sustainable technologies and processes to minimize our impact on the environment.

Corporate Sustainability Campaign

In 2018 we conducted a beach clean-up - a team building exercise led by Kornit management and employees.

Greener Products

Sustainable products can provide social and economic benefits by protecting public health, welfare and the environment throughout their life cycle. To that end, we use non-toxic, sustainable-produced or recycled materials which don’t need as much energy to process. Our products are long lasting and designed for recycling, reducing the need for frequent replacement. In addition, all our packaging and instructions encourage efficient and environmentally friendly use.

Operational Energy Efficiency and GHG Emissions (Ink Plant)

We continuously improve the efficiency of our production facilities and production processes, investing in high efficiency equipment/facilities and solar power generating systems.

Waste & Emissions (Ink plant)

By 2022 we expect a 20% increase in the recycling rate of waste generated at our production sites. Minimizing the amount of waste that is discharged at our production sites, separating disposal, and implementing an environmentally friendly treatment process will help us achieve this goal.

Air and Water Emissions

Kornit’s production sites are managed according to local environmental standards. Such disciplined management approach reduces risks and contributes to protecting the environment of local communities.

Complying with Global Hazardous Substances Management Directives

RoHS directive 2011/65/EU: Setting limits on certain hazardous materials in electrical and electronic equipment.

WEEE Directive: Labeling of electrical and electronic equipment for appropriate disposal, and managing post-consumer recycling and disposal of electronic products.

REACH Regulation: Our products meet the definition of “mixtures”, contained in articles made solely of polymers, subject to certain regulatory requirements.

Additional Certification and Regulations

Kornit Neopigment inks are water based, non-toxic, phthalate free and free of heavy metals. Kornit inks are biodegradable and follow the highest international sustainability standards including: OEK TEX 100, and GOTS, among others. These combined factors ensure a safe work environment and result in products that are safe enough even for infants.