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WTiN Webinar

Worldwide, 24-11-2020

Discover how Social Media is Changing the Face of Direct-to-Garment Businesses


Social media is one of the world’s fastest moving industries. For marketers and businesses, it has changed the way we market our products, the way we find our customers, and the way we speak to them. In this webinar, Amichai Sheqel (Tiktokpro.israel), Carmen Makover (Kornit Digital), Phil Oakley (Kornit Digital) and Sharon Donovich (Kornit Digital) will explore how businesses can use social media to their advantage.


In our free live panel discussion you’ll learn:

  1. How to use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn for growing your DTG business – Social Media isn’t just for the young or the famous!
  2. The best social media campaign planning tactics and learn how to apply them to your DTG business.
  3. Experts in the field will answer all your questions.​​​​​​


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Carmen Deville Makover

Director of Corporate Marketing

Kornit Digital

Carmen Deville Makover is Director of Corporate Marketing at Kornit Digital. Passionate senior marketing professional with broad international experience in B2B and B2C products in fast-paced start-ups and global corporations. She has a proven track record in managing global marketing teams. Prior to Kornit, Carmen worked in HP in the Graphics Solutions Business division, and in VocalTec, developing the positioning and marketing.



Amichai Sheqel


TikTok Pro

Amichai, is the owner of Tiktokpro.israel, the largest Tiktok training, Advice and tips Tiktok account in Israel. Amichai delivers several lectures on Tiktok and oversees several Israeli and global Tiktok business accounts, he provides Tiktok consulting services to businesses, companies, advertising agencies and non-profits, helping them understand how to use the platform for marketing and speak the unique language of Tiktok in order to reach the relevant target audience.




Sharon Donovich

Regional Product Marketing Manager

Kornit Digital

Regional Product Marketing Manager, Kornit Digital (responsible for the European market)

In this position, Sharon is responsible for managing all inbound and outbound activities related to the products and market.


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