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Kornit Digital has announced details of its presence at Fespa China (Shanghai, October 21-23, booth no. N1193).
The event marks the company’s fourth presence at a major Chinese industry event this year. On Kornit Digital’s booth, visitors will experience live demonstrations of the company’s Avalanche Hexa and Storm II systems, supported by a host of real-life application samples.

All samples and demonstrations on Kornit’s booth will feature the company’s next-generation NeoPigmentTM Pure ink, delivering a superior hand-feel, improved color gamut and white-ink performance. NeoPigment Pure will be commercially available from mid of October. New Kornit systems will start shipping with the new ink at the same time.

The Avalanche Hexa is a member of Kornit’s leading industrial product range for digital direct-to-garment printing. It features a six-color-plus-white configuration for an extended color gamut and superior spot color handling. It is ideal for the fashion production and will be shown with Kornit’s new Very Large Pallet that expands the maximum print size of the system to 135 x 97 cm or 53 x 38 in and allows for a range of new applications in cut piece printing and specialty garment production. The Very Large Pallet is available as an option for all Kornit Avalanche models including the Avalanche DC Pro. It can also be retrofitted with existing systems.

The Kornit Storm II is the industrial best seller and an extremely reliable, heavy-duty garment printing solution. It has two printing tables so shirts can be mounted while another one prints. The Storm is capable of printing up to 150 garments / hour.

All of Kornit’s systems are based on the company’s unique NeoPigment printing process. Kornit’s own water-based pigment inks work on a variety of fibers (natural, man-made and blends) and allow for inline-pretreatment. After printing, garments are cured with a standard hot-air dryer. The inks are Oeko-Tex 100 certified and GOTS VERIFIED.

Eyal Manzoor, Managing Director of Kornit Digital Asia Pacific, comments: “Kornit Digital is strongly committed to the Asian-Pacific region, and to China in particular. We are hiring aggressively in order to offer more technical resources in more countries of the region. Just recently, we filled positions in China, Hong Kong and India. In addition to ramping up our service and support offerings, we are also increasing our market reach, which is evidenced by the fact that with Fespa, we participate in the fourth major industry event this year.”

Kornit has also revealed more details of its upcoming new local office in Shanghai that includes a state-of-the-art demo center showcasing selected products from the Kornit range. The opening of this new office demonstrates the strong commitment that Kornit is making to the market in China to ensure that Kornit’s users are well supported to take advantage of the many opportunities that the market offers.

康丽数码(Kornit Digital)在FESPA中国数码印刷展强势亮相,并在上海设立中国办事处


康丽数码 (Kornit Digital)– 纺织品数码印花的全球市场领导者 – 宣布将强势亮相FESPA中国数码印刷展(上海,10月21-23日,展台号:N1193)。这次参展标志着公司对中国市场的重视, FESPA中国数码印刷展已经是康丽数码今年内在中国直接参与的第四个主要行业盛会。在康丽数码的展台上,参观者将可观看到Avalanche Hexa和 Storm II数码印花系统的现场演示,以及一系列现实生活中的应用样品。

在展台上的现场演示和展出的印花样品均采用公司新一代的NeoPigmentTM PURE墨水,提供更优良的手感、更宽广的色域和更佳的白墨的表现。NeoPigmentTM PURE墨水将于十月中旬开始发售。新订购的康丽数码印花系将配备新的墨水出货。

Avalanche Hexa是康丽数码领先的工业级服装直印平台的一员,其六色(CMYK 加红和绿)的配置,扩展了原来的色域,更好应对专色打印的要求。Avalanche Hexa加上康丽数码新的极大台板(VLP)将是时装生产的理想解决方案。极大台板的印花区域最大可达135 x97厘米或53×38寸,允许多样式的裁片印花和特别新颖的成衣生产。极大台板适用于所有Avalanche印花平台,包括Avalanche DC Pro,它也可以加装在现有的Avalanche系统上。

Kornit Storm II是业界的最畅销的一个型号,它是一个非常可靠并支持量产的服装印花解决方案。它设有两个打印台板,允许在一边打印的同时,在另一边套衣服作准备。Kornit Storm II每小时的打印速度高达150件衣服。

康丽数码自家研发的水性颜料墨水可以应用于各种纤维(天然、人造和混纺),并允许内联预处理。印花后,服装只需以标准热风烘干机固化。NeoPigment™墨水通过Oeko-Tex 100认证,以及获得全球有机纺织品(GOTS)预先核准。

康丽数码亚太区董事总经理孟易优(Eyal Manzoor)表示:“康丽数码致力于亚太地区的发展,特别是在中国。我们正积极地在区内多个国家招聘技术人员,务求提供更多的技术资源以配合区内发展。就在最近,我们填补了中国大陆、香港和印度的职乏。除了大力推动我们的服务和支持,我们也增加了我们在市场推广的力度 – 这次参加FESPA中国数码印刷展就是最好的证明,它已经是我们今年在中国直接参加的第四个主要行业盛会。”

康丽数码还透露了更有关多其中国办事处的详情 – 上海的本地办事处除了是一个销售办公室以外,还有一个先进的演示中心,重点展出康丽数码广泛解决方案的精选产品。这个新办事处的成立表明了康丽数码对中国市场的坚定决心和承诺,确保康丽数码的用户都能得到最好的服务和支持,使他们得以抓紧中国市场提供的许多机会,并充分发展他们的业务。