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Kornit’s Digital Printing Glossary


Inkjet Printer Definition

Inkjet Printer Definition

The inkjet printer is the name of a printer that was invented in the 20th century for usage unrelated to digital textile printing. The inkjet printer creates an image by adding drops of ink onto a specific surface, such as paper, plastic, or fabric. 

These tiny drops of ink, which are as small as 50 microns in diameter, can form detailed images in great precision and perfectly print any photograph. There are different types of inkjet printers, each producing the droplets of ink in a different way, but they all share a few similarities that make them incredibly popular. The Inkjet printer enables quick and accurate results thanks to the size of the ink drops and the ability to mix different colors in order to reach any shade.  

In the fashion world, the actionable meaning of working with an inkjet printer is gaining the ability to respond to trends quickly and execute customers’ vision accurately. Advance to this and other innovative textile printing methods with Kornit’s cutting-edge printing platforms and ink sets.