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Kornitx – Business Solutions

Product Families

KornitX solutions for Print service providers

KornitX is a scalable and modular software for on-demand fashion and textile products.
it includes a wide variety of modules that makes it easy for fulfillers to source, create, manage, sell and fulfill dropship products.

Sales – Fulfilment partners who want the option to manually approve new orders before putting them into production can do so with our order acceptance tools.

Catalog – Proof Manager Fulfillers who create one-off products for their customers can add proof manager to their workflow, enabling a digital sign-off process.

Production - Turn orders into print jobs and organize them ready for production. Additionally, manage blank products and inventory for a complete view of stock management

Floor - Automate end-to-end production processes on the factory floor with our industry-leading scan point workflow, improving efficiency and visibility of each order.

GFN (wanting to join GFN) - Join our world-leading group of fashion and textile fulfillers, providing print services to the world’s top fashion brands and retailers
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KornitX Solutions For Brands

KornitX offering for brands, licensors, retailers and online commerce owners include a variety of software and service solutions covering different aspects of on demand supply manufacturing.

Sales - Manage every order from all your sales channels in one place and access a range of content from our extensive product database.

Catalog - Create and manage on-demand, personalized and virtual stock products and launch them to your eCommerce channels. Additionally, speed up the process of launching new products with dedicated product approval and onboarding features.

GFN - (wanting to access/use GFN) Fulfil closer to your customers and guarantee the highest quality on every order with Kornit’s Global Fulfilment Network
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I flussi di lavoro Kornit

Esplora la varietà di flussi di lavoro possibile grazie alle stampanti Kornit

Dalla serigrafia al digitale

Adeguamento alle tendenze mondiali Riduzione dei costi utilizzando il digitale per le medie tirature
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Soluzione web-to-print per imprese di ogni dimensione
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Tirature sempre più basse

Introduzione della micro-tiratura, l’evoluzione della stampa digitale su tessuto
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Allegro & Cut

Per ottimizzare la produzione tessile e portare l'azienda a un nuovo livello
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Kornit propone una soluzione completa per tutte le esigenze di stampa.
Iniziando dal giorno in cui la si installa, e per sempre.
Esplora la nostra soluzione completa