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Monitor, track, and benchmark the production performance of your Kornit systems

All about konnect

  • Continuously monitors and collects data from Kornit Avalanche series, Storm II and Paradigm II systems

  • Provides an insight into the system’s production, and reports this data for business and operational purposes

  • Provides accurate data for the most important production and business printing parameters, for example: Ink consumption (bottle replacements, ink type and usage and so on).

  • The accumulated data is significant for optimizing inventory levels and ink supply forecasts and providing additional services (better utilization, inventory management, workload balancing)

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At Kornit Digital, our customers always come first. That’s why we’ve developed Konnect, a new software program aimed at strengthening relations with our customers, supporting and understanding their business needs better.
With Konnect, customers will be able to monitor, track, and benchmark the production performance of their Kornit systems: Providing valuable statistics for owners and production manager; monitoring ink consumption and accumulating data on a daily basis and optimizing the performance of their Kornit systems.

The first version of Konnect is provided for free, today.
For more information, contact your local Kornit Customer Support

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